Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Minnows Caravan Park, Tiverton, Devon, Continued

Sunday, so that means only one thing, Kathleen is off to Church.

Up sharp, and we cycle along the canal to Tiverton.

While Kathleen does the God thing, I explore Tiverton on foot.

They have built flood defences along the river in the centre of town, not very scenic, but better than being flooded periodically, I suppose.

There are the usual information boards about flooding hundreds of years ago, and information about very cold winters when the river froze over and people ice skated on it. Clearly, climate chnage must have been caused by horse droppings, or some such, then.

The view up river shows flood defences too, but a little more scenic ones, in my view.

Have you noticed something else about these photographs?, yes, the sun is still shining, we are now on for a record third day of sunshine!

After I collect Kathleen from church, we visit the tea shop by the canal at Tiverton Basin.

I can recommend the Apple Pie with ice-cream, oh, yes, I had a cup of tea as well.

They had this rather impressive show of teapots on the wall of the house attached to the teashop.

Then we cycle back, and go to "The Globe" in the village for an excellent Sunday lunch. We even get a 10% discount, because we are staying at "The Minnows", oh how Kathleen loves a bargain, that makes her meal taste even better!

Monday morning, and it is raining again.

Kathleen is cross, moaning about the bread (which she chose), the slices are too thick, she says. You cannot taste the filling in your sandwich because there is too much bread.

My solution, increase the amount of filling.

This is not well received.

Sun appears again after lunch, thank goodness.

The question of sandwich fillings is resolved, and the rain has stopped, we explore the canal towpath in the opposite direction.

We come across this dedicated mother swan, patiently sitting on her eggs, father swan is off feeding his face, further along the canal.

Then we come upon this happy little family of eight cygnets, this father has obviously attended the parenting classes, and is doing his bit.

Tuesday, panic takes over.

Kathleen thinks she has lost her purse.

My suggestion that perhaps the Greeks have stolen it to pay off their National Debt, is deemed, not amusing.

Calm is restored, the purse id found.

It was in the coat she wore to go to church on Sunday.

It has been there, untouched since then, it is almost lunch time Tuesday now, need I say more?

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