Thursday, 24 May 2012

Edengate, Lymington, Hampshire (continued)

Wednesday, (23/05/12) superb weather, we catch the bus to Christchurch, a few miles along the coast towards Bournemouth, very upmarket.

There is the inevitable ruined Priory, courtesy of Henry VIII.

Kathleen never tires of railing against him, and I never tire of correcting her biased (Catholic) view of history and pointing out, that, perhaps it was the Pope who was the baddy, by playing Politics with Philip of Spain.

I have to admit, there is one plaque dating from that time, in the church, which is particularly gruesome. It concerns the Countess of Salisbury (Lady Pole). Her youngest son, Reginald,  (an Archbishop at 17, bit of favouristm perhaps?), wrote a critical article about Henry. Henry was not happy about this, and with Reginald safely out of reach in Padua, not to be outdone, Henry ordered his relations in England to be executed. Lady Pole (over 70 years old at this time) was executed at the Tower of London. It is said, she refused to put her neck on the block, so, the executioner hacked off her head where she stood.

Enough of that gruesome stuff, isn't this a picture of Englishness, a couple of teams of Pensioners having a game of Bowls?

Takes you right back to Francis Drake, doesn't it?

Thursday, and I have to eat my words, Kathleen is raring to go on a bike ride. Naturally, she does not want to follow the route I scouted out a couple of days ago, so off we go via another route, which is (hopefully) small and quiet roads.

We actually cross "my" route after about three miles, and then follow it to the coast and along to Milford-by-the-Sea. A very pleasant 16 mile round trip, along quiet country lanes.

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