Friday, 8 June 2012

Devizes Caravan Club Site, Seend, nr Devizes, Continued

Wednesday 30th May, and the weather is still superb!

After yesterdays cycle ride to Devizes, in deference to Kathleen's age, we avoid the hill on the way to Devizes, and head in the opposite direction, towards Bath.

This is much easier going, more or less level and a good smooth towpath.

Cycling for softies.

One or two very nice canalside pubs, but we resist the temptation to stop (for now).

We soon reach Trowbridge, with it's rather attractive Marina.

Eventually, we arrive at Bradford-on-Avon, a very pleasant small town.

Here we pause for our picnic lunch, and meet two fellow campervanners, Michael and Jenny.

They are staying at the same campsite as us, so have peddled the same distance.

It emerges that Michael has been cheating however, since he has an electric bike!

We have a little explore of the town which is very quaint, before retiring to a pub for a much needed refreshing drink.

I try to persuade Kathleen to cycle the remaining nine miles to Bath.

She is not having any of that, pointing out that it is nine miles there, and nine miles back, so it is really 18 miles extra.

Instead we head back to the campsite.

Resisting the "Barge Inn" as we pass. Although, quite why we resisted, I am not sure, since we have clocked up a very reasonable 19 miles.

Friday, and we travel to Bath on the bus. Kathleen needs to have her vitamin B12 injection, and we expect there to be an NHS "walk in centre" there.

We find the NHS Walk in Centre, what a palaver. This is supposed to be a National "service", but they are not willing to give the injection without a referral from our Doctor, even although Kathleen has the prescribed ampoule with her. A suggestion that the phone our doctor to confirm it is a genuine request is brushed to one side, too high tech presumably. What hope computerised national NHS patient records? Eventually, they relent, and agree to give the injection. 

We do not realise it, but our problems are just about to start.

Whilst administering the injection, the Doctor notices some marks on Kathleen's leg, and ventures the opinion that they are some form of allergy. He prescribes an antihistamine type drug. 

While we wait for the bus back to Devizes, we have time to kill, so we decide to have a coffee, and Kathleen takes one of the antihistamines, big mistake. By the time we arrive back at the campsite, ie about an hour later, she has difficulty breathing, and pains in various joints.

Friday, we are supposed to travel to Marlow, but, Kathleen, in my opinion is not well enough to stay away from home, so, instead we drive home.

The plan was to visit Gary, Susana and Gabriel for Gary's 40th birthday and Gabriel's second birthday, so, instead I get up crack of dawn and drive to Windsor on Saturday morning.

Not a particularly pleasant drive, since the rain is back!

Over the remainder of Saturday and Sunday, I manage to fit in, Gabriel,s 2nd Birthday Party, a meal, at Gary's favourite seafood restaurant, to celebrate Gary's 40th Birthday, and the opening of many presents by Gabriel.

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