Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Grafham Water Caravan Club Site nr Peterborough

Tuesday 21st August 2012 - Wednesday 22nd August 2012

We leave home as planned, on time, and so far, it would appear we have not forgotten anything!

Just before Thirsk, our first traffic jam, A19 at a standstill because a lorry carrying a load of hay has caught fire. The lorry is not actually on the A19, it is on the A61, but has come to a stop on a bridge crossing the A19, and burning debris is falling onto the A19, which is now closed both north and south bound. The radio traffic news says the tail back is four miles. We make a detour courtesy of Kathleen's map reading, and join the A168 south of Thirsk. Not sure we actually saved any time, but at least we were moving, which is better than sitting still on the A19.

Graffham Water does not appear to be one the Caravan Club's better sites, a bit too crowded for our taste, but, I suppose, it is still school holidays. A further problem is, the village does not have a pub (or a shop even).

We call at brother Brian's. A tour of the Brian and Linda Campervan of course, and we see two of Brian's girls, Michaela and Victoria, along with their boyfriends. Linda is working (well someone has to) and Rebecca is in South Africa, so we do not see them on this visit. We are served with a wonderful lunch, it certainly is a good restaurant at Spekes Road, in addition to the good food, the staff in are so pleasant!

Off to the Eurotunnel terminal.

Check in is impressive all automated, but the rest, not as slick as the car.

We do not even get on our allotted train. We are told this is because vehicles carrying gas bottles, ie campervans and caravans have to wait until all other vehicles are loaded, then, they are loaded at end of train. When it comes to our turn to load (ie last), the train is full.

As you can imagine, this does not please Kathleen. Her dissatisfaction is not helped when I suggest, perhaps we are receiving second class service because we bought our ticket with Tesco vouchers.

First night in France, on the aire at Honschutte (from the "All The Aires, France" book).

No facilities, but quiet and in the company of another ten or so vans, right in the village. 

A free night, there does not even appear to be a bar to spend some money in. Will have to support the boulangerie in the morning.

There is a windmill here, and an information plaque to say (in French and English), this the the site of a battle between the French and The Hapsbergs.

The Hapsbergs were aided by the devious English who planned to mount an invasion at Calais whilst the Hapsbergs attacked from the north.

The French defeated the Hapsbergs here at Honschutte and foiled the plan. Oh, we have been naughty boys in the past.

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