Friday, 31 August 2012

Thursday 23rd August 2012 - Saturday 25th August 2012

To Charlesville de Meziers, an aire we have used before, a good spot, but the Aire is full.

We have to go to the adjacent Campsite (Camping Mount Olympus). 17Euro a night including electric hook up.

I must look up what this places claim to fame is, it really is rather grand. There is a statue of he founder (Charles of course), and the place was founded in 1625, but until we stumbled upon it during our wanderings in France, I had never heard of it.

We have a wander in the town and then settle into a pavement cafe in the main square for a glass or two of chilled vin rose.

The French know how to chill, their economy may be in trouble and the Euro teetering on the brink of collapse, but lunch must go on.

Amazingly we meet a Frenchman who we met here a couple of years ago. He lives nearby and seems to spend his time talking to visitors to practice his English, German, Dutch whatever.

Friday, a random choice from the “All the Aires France 3rd Edition” book, Dun sur Meuse.

It turns out to be a beautiful spot, on the banks of the River Meuse.

Space for about 20 vans, perhaps more, if you are brave enough to park right on the river’s edge and plug your electric hook up into the bollards on the floating jetty, meant for the boats!

Toilet, Shower and Electricity, for 7euro a night.

Plenty of walking and cycling along the banks of the Meuse and a pleasant village with shops.

We meet a pair of intrepid campervanners, originally from Yorkshire, but now, having sold their house, they spend their winters in Spain, and the summers roaming Europe. They have been to visit their family in the UK, and are now very slowly heading south.

Weather stays hot and sunny, but, with a rain shower in the evening.

Saturday 25/08/2012, we move on to another aire chosen from the “All the Aires France 3rd Edition” book, Pont a Mousson, enroute we find a Lidl, to replentish the Gin (Kathleen brought a half bottle with her, but it has all gone).

A marina with space for campervans, on the banks of the Moselle.

A five minute walk to town, 7Euro with Electricity, toilets and showers, although the toilets and showers are only open 8am to 8pm, so you have to regulate your bodily functions to suite!

Being the weekend, finding a church for Kathleen's mass is required.

We search out the church in Pont a Mousson, according to the noticeboard, there is no mass on Saturday, only 11:00am Sunday. It is resolved, we will have to stay until Monday. But, as we sit enjoying the sun, we hear the church bells ringing. Kathleen quickly gets ready, ie does her hair, and heads off to church. It turns out to be a wedding, but she stays anyway, so that is the church thing done.

It rains heavily overnight and Sunday, we wake to a cold cloudy day.

That decides us, we are off, into Germany.

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