Friday, 31 August 2012

Sunday 26th August 2012 - Monday 27th August 2012

The plan is to stop at a site just east of Strasbourg, in Germany.

Getting around Strasbourg turns out to be more difficult than we thought, we have to exit the Motorway and head for a place called Offenburg.

The trusty TomTom instructs us to exit the motorway, onto an exit slip, which then splits into four different options, none of them signposted Offenburg. Needless to say, we get it wrong, the satnav patiently leads us round in a circle to rejoin the motorway, back to have another shot, wrong!

It is not the TomTom’s patience which is stretched now, but, round we go again, third time lucky and soon we are in Germany.

Despite the trials of the Satnav, we have made good time, it is still grey and cloudy, so we decide it is a good day for travelling.

We reset the satnav for a site much further into Germany. But, the tone has been set, Tomtom is in the bad books, Kathleen questions why it has planned a route, which, at first sight does look a little strange. We need to go, more or less due east, but, the planned route takes us north east, then south west. It does look a bit less than direct.

The satnav is duly ignored, and we follow Kathleen’s more direct route.

We soon find out why the satnav did not choose this route, we are crossing a mountain. I swear we passed a few guys in turbans leading Elephants it was that high.

We arrive at Sonnen/Erpfingen, Azur Rosencamp (N48 21’47” E9 11’0”). Not one of our better choices. The sentiment is not helped by the chap in reception who upsets Kathleen by insisting on seeing our passports before he will check us in.

Kathleen spends the evening quotes sections from Fawlty Towers, "don't mention the war".

Only one night here.

We take advantage of the free German motorways to eat some miles, east towards Munich, which we pass around on the north side, then South and East again.

Just before we arrive at our stop for the night, we are greeted with this sight, has there been a natural disaster we wonder, a flood, a hurricane?

No, it is the aftermath of a pop festival!, it goes to show, Germans can be untidy too!

We find this very pleasant Stellplatz, just off the motorway at Ubersee-Almau (N47 48’35” E12 29’33”). 11Euro, Electricity, Toilets, Showers, and ten minutes walk to the village, excellent.

It is sort of in the grounds of a working farm, which can be seen in the

We walk into the village and enjoy a meal and or course a bottle of wine.

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