Saturday, 5 June 2010

June 1st 2010 - June 2nd 2010

Tuesday, we leave Ceriale, to begin heading north toward Lake Garda, then Austria, Germany and eventually home.

This means we are leaving Joan and Bryan, who are now heading further south into Italy, to visit Pisa, Florence, and after that who knows.

We share the driving, Kathleen takes the initial motorway section. In theory, this should be easy going, Italian motorways are good, unfortunately, they have Italians driving on them, so like most things Italian, they are a bit frantic. The section approaching Genova (Genoa to us), is particularly hectic, with lots of tunnels, which plunge you from bright sunlight into gloom, and all the while you have cars, vans and motor cycles weaving from lane to lane at 110kpm.

I get the second, mountainous, section which may have lots of wheel twirling with lots of hairpin bends and be a bit scary with plenty of sheer drops, but at least there are barriers at most of them and there is not much traffic!

The scenery is eye catching.

Cremona – Parco al Po – ACSI2010-1739

Cremona is a beautiful place. The area is fairly flat, and it appears everyone cycles, the town centre is full of people cycling, when we visit. We do a bit of site seeing and having drinks and ice cream while watching the world go by.

Unfortunately the campsite facilities are only adequate, so we decide one night is all we will do here. A shame because there are lots of cycle routes to explore. Perhaps another time, at a different site.

Wednesday we discover is a public holiday (at least in this part of Italy, if not Nationally), we think it has something to do with Corpus Christi, although in the UK, this is celebrated Sunday 6th June. They key thing is, it would appear, all of the shops are shut, and since I failed to stop at Lidl when we left Ceriale, we are short of fruit, vegetables and worst of all wine! In particular, we have no Rose, so Kathleen is not amused.

The journey to Lake Garda is short, only about 1.5hours, but every shopping centre we pass is closed.

Peschiera del Garda – Bella Italia – ACSI2010-1815

The approach to Lake Garda is very busy. When we arrive at the site, we are told we are lucky to get in, since we are getting the last available pitch. Apparently, not only is it an Italian holiday, but also the start of a holiday period in Germany, so there is a German invasion of Campervans, Caravans and Tents.

The site was recommended to us by Gina, who we met at Prairies de la Mer. It is not what we would have chosen without her recommendation, because it is so big. But in the event, it is excellent. Everything about it is organized and spotlessly clean.

We explore the lakeside cycling as far as Rivoltella, about 5 miles west along the southern shore of Lake Garda. We even find a small supermarket, open, on the way back, so wine supplies are replenished.

According to the signposts, there is a Lidl in Peschiera del Garda, but so far, I have not actually found it.

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