Wednesday, 9 June 2010

6th June 2010 – 8th June 2010

Peschiera del Garda – Bella Italia – ACSI2010-1815 continued

Sunday, we cycle into Peschiera, so that Kathleen can attend church. I buy an English newspaper and catch up the latest murders etc in the UK.

The original plan is lunch in Peschiera, but mass was 10:00, so by the time it finishes, we area little early for lunch, and being the weekend, Peschiera is very busy. We decide to re-arrange our plans and return to the van for coffee, followed by lying in the sun (much deserved after yesterdays cycling marathon), with the intention of cycling to Sirmione, in the evening, to eat.

In addition to being church day, it is hairdressing day, cycling to Sirmione after spending an hour (if you believe that you believe anything, it is 2 - 3 hours if it is a minute), washing, drying, straightening hair is a none starter. Instead we walk into Peschiera, in the evening, along the lake shore, and eat at a rather nice, floating, lakeside restaurant.

When we were at Ceriale, we had drinks in a restaurant which were very pleasant, and were, we understood, Campari.

Since then Kathleen has sampled several Campari’s (in the interests of research you understand), but none have been as per the drink in Ceriale. So after our meal we continue the research, here you can see Kathleen working hard at the task.

I am forced to have a beer whilst I wait for her.

We think we have found it. The waitress at the bar tells us it is fizzy white wine, soda water, Aperol and ice of course.

Now we need to buy the ingredients and Kathleen will have to continue experimenting until she has perfected the proportions.

It’s a hard life for some people, I do not know how we stand the pace.

Monday, we find the post office, so that we can post a card off to Houston, for Gary, Susana and Gabriel. After visiting an Italian Post Office, I will never complain about Royal Mail again, well not for a month or two anyway.

There are four counters “manned”, and only about five customers ahead of me, but it still takes almost ten minutes.

First you have to get a ticket, from a machine, to wait in the queue (supermarket deli counter style). There is a choice of three ticket types depending on what you want (one of which is to send a letter or parcel).

Each counter position deals with only one ticket type. So while three positions sit idle, one position deals with the six or so of us waiting, since we all want to send letters or parcels.

In the evening when it has cooled down a little, we cycle the 6.5miles to Sirmione.

Kathleen is able to continue the research into the orange coloured drink which is so popular here.

Sirmione is a beautiful little place, located on a peninsular which juts out into the lake.

I think visiting in the early evening turned out to be a wise decision, not only for the heat, but also because it is so much more peaceful without the crowds.

and someone obviously got their inspiration, for the colour scheme of their house, from the colour of Kathleen’s drink.

Tuesday, is a relaxing day, prior to our driving to Innsbruck, Austria tomorrow, although quite how you can have a relaxing day, when you aren’t actually doing anything anyway is a problem.

I manage to track down a shop selling bottles of Aperol (ingredient to the popular drink Spritz con Aperol), so Kathleen will be able to continue her studies.

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