Saturday, 5 June 2010

June 3rd 2010 - June 5th 2010

Peschiera del Garda – Bella Italia – ACSI2010-1815 contd

Thursday, Kathleen is up for some exploring and exercise, so we cycle along the lake shore to Lazese, then on to Bardolino.

We go via the lake shore where ever possible, the track is mostly good, but a bit bumpy in places. No complaints however, and for once that is actually true!

The lakeshore is dotted with small villages like Lazese, it is difficult to pick one out, over the others, they are all beautifully kept, and very pretty.

We return along the road, which for most of the way has a cycle track, and despite the fact we do almost 23 miles in total, Kathleen sets a cracking pace right to the end.

Have an abortive attempt to get on the internet at the “wifi” bar on the site. But no joy, the place is packed with Germans watching football (a world cup game?), and the noise is deafening. Had hoped to use the skype to check Gary, Susana and overdue new arrival.

Overnight (03:00), we receive news we have been waiting anxiously for. Baby Gabriel has arrived (3rd June, Houston TX, time), at 8lb 3oz, so Gary and Susana are the proud parents of a baby boy, and we of course are Grandparents again, but the first “Reay” grandchild.

Friday, we set off to find Lidl, following the signposts in the town. I can only assume the signs have been put up by a rival supermarket company, because I reckon you have more chance of finding gold, than you have of finding Lidl from those signposts!

After peddling around fruitlessly for about five miles, we go to tourist information who give us a map, with the location of Lidl supposedly marked on it, (we also get a booklet with a couple of cycle routes, see later). Even with the aid of the map we have great difficulty, but we do eventually find it. As ever, once you know where it is, it is not far!

Next challenge is to find McDonald’s (also signposted), so we can use the wifi.

I follow the signs to McDonalds exactly, it says it is 2 minutes away. So to me that means, assuming you are driving a car, somewhere between 1 mile (at 30 mph), and 2 miles (at Italian speeds, ie 60 mph), but all I manage to find, by following the signs to McDonalds is a short cut to Lidl.

Our Dutch neighbours (who we guess to be older than us), return from a cycle trip and tell us they have cycled to a place called Borghetto. This they tell us is it is about 18km (10 miles) away. The die is cast, Kathleen has to better this.

Friday, we are up, picnic packed, and on our way by 9:30, armed with the cycle route booklet, we are aiming for Pozollo (past Borghetto, did you expect anything else?). We are soon out of Peschiera, and cycling along the banks of the river Mincio, which flows south out of Lake Garda.

We first pass the village of Monzambano, with its impressive Church on a hill on the opposite bank of the river.

The castle at Borghetto is visible in the distance, as we approach the village, still peddling strongly.

Borghetto is as they say a “tourist trap”, it is quaint and beautiful, we stop here for refreshments (coffee).

We are here, along with a coach party, and lots of people cycling, like ourselves.

After coffee, we cycle on to Pozzolo, which is 15 miles (24km) from Peschiera. Pozzolo is not very photogenic, so we settle for eating our picnic in the square, and finding a shop which sells greetings cards, where we can a “Congratulations on the birth of your new baby boy” card. Since we do not speak Italian and the shop assistant does not speak English, we have to rely on the fact that some cards are pink and some blue, to determine which apply to boys.

We still have not seen a picture of the new arrival (the picture above was received after writing this, I just changed the blog), although Phillippa tells us she has. For some reason, the picture will not text to us, so it will have to be Email. This means we must wait until we can get an internet connection.

We head back to Peschiera, at 20 miles, Kathleen tells me that her legs are not tired, here you can see her resting the bit that is tired (or suffering).

Back at Monzambano, I think the only photograph you have seen so far of Kathleen drinking water.

We get back to Peschiera at about 13:30, time for a drink. Kathleen has a Campari Spritz, not bad fuel consumption is it, 30 miles to the Campari.

Now we MUST find an internet connection, we need to see these photographs of Gabriel before the rest of the world has seen them!

Update, found that connection, picture downloaded and posted, plus Dana has managed to text message it too us.

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