Tuesday, 22 June 2010

June 22nd, 2010

Weikershiem/Laudenbach – Schwabenmuhle – ASCI-2010-611, contd

Tuesday, and the weather seems to be on the mend. The forecast is for steadily improving temperatures as the week progresses, and no rain.

We decide to delay leaving for the Rhine area and stay here for another day, to carry out one of our possible plans from yesterday and cycle to Creglingen.

We have the benifit of a map now, so we can assess the distance and how hilly it may be.

We have already cycled about half of the route, the day we cycled to Rottingen.

As we pass Rottingen today, we note there are only two campervans at the stellplatz there, perhaps the moral of the story is that stellplatz are busier at weekends?

We set off, bright and early for us, at about 10:15, in the event, it is an easy 13.5 miles, almost all of it on dedicated traffic free cycle track.

We arrive before the heat of the day has built up at shortly before lunch time.

Time for a beer.

There are only two other people in the bar/cafe when we settle ourselves down, but by the time we have finished our beer (small beers, I may add), the place is full, and most people have ordered what look like very nice meals.

We resist, and set off for some gentle sightseeing.

It is what we have come to expect of the region, lots of quaint half timbered buildings, with beautifully preserved and kept surroundings.

Our resolve does not last for long, since the 13 miles of pedalling have build up a healthy appetite, for once, even Kathleen is wanting to eat!.

We return to the bar/cafe, and order lunch. Kathleen has a pork snitzl, and I have bratwurst with chips (I am determined to sample as many types of German sausages as possible), plus we have two large beers this time.

Although we had not been expecting it, Kathleen also gets a small salad, to start, with her meal. It has salad dressing on, which she will not eat, so I "have" to eat it. It includes what I suppose must be saurkraut. If it was, it tastes pretty good, anyway, I polished it off.

Eventually, it is time to leave.

We find it even easier comming back. We accomplish the 27 mile round trip with ease.  I am not sure if it is because it seemed to be predominantly gently downhill (on the return), or because of the effect of the (almost) litre of strong beer we have consumed. 

Another fun day. This has been an excellent choice of site, since not only are the facilities excellent, but it is so well located for exploring, being located right on the long distance "Hohenloher Residenzenweg", a cycle track to you and me. If you are passing this way and do not want to use a site, the stellplatz at Rottingen seems like an excellent choice, again it is right on the cycle route, and is only a few minutes walk into Rottingen.

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