Sunday, 30 May 2010

May 29th 2010 - May 30th 2010

Ceriale – Camping Baciccia – ACSI2010-1735 – continued

We (Kathleen and I) cycle to Alassio and back, (16 miles).

Going there is flat as far as Albenga, but then a slow but steady climb, with a final downhill stretch.

Alassio was presumably once a fishing village, but has since become a resort.

From memory it was a popular destination for Brits in the late 1950’s, but now mass tourism has passed it by.

We have a beer to fortify us for the climb back up the hill. We are asked if we want small of medium. We opt for medium, which turns out to be about pint size, but we get, crisps, salted nuts, tuna salad, palma ham, garlic sausage, and bread, as well. It costs 8Euro, but not bad for a mini meal and two pints!

The climb out of Alassio is quite steep, the photograph probably does not show just how steep.

Kathleen is not actually visible, she is just in front of the white car (on the right) and two motorcycles, pedaling valiantly. She makes it to the top, with not a word of complaint.

You have probably noticed that we have not had a hair care day for a while.

Well today is a double dose.

Not only is it hair washing and straightening, but both Joan and Kathleen require the hair colouring to be topped up.

So today it is the full works, colouring, washing, drying, straightening.

Please do not assume that they have any grey hairs of course, they are simply having a tint, to enhance their natural hair colour, becuase the bright sunlight has faded their hair. (No I don't believe that either).

Bryan, comes out of retirement, (he was at some point in his working life a ladies hairdresser), to attend to their needs, and soon has a hairdressing salon going under our awning. Much to the amusement of passers by.

Once hairdressing tasks are completed, evening meals eaten, and skype calls made, we settle down to an evening of Red Wine and Rose Wine.

I feel I should point out that the photographs of the hairdressing have been published at considerable personal risk. Joan in particular is very sensitive about this, and has threatened me with personal injury if I publish the blog containing these photographs. Her threats mean I dare not fall asleep in the sun, in case she performs surgery on me with a blunt knife.

Sunday, church as usual, this means a cycle ride into Ceriale.

While the girls are at church, Bryan and I, retire to a pavement cafe for coffee.

We are eventually joined by Kathleen and Joan, which of course means that the drinks switch to wine.

The cafe does not do meals, only nibbles, so we move on to a restaurant for lunch.

The restaurant is called "Il Restaurante Grotti", but it does not live up to it's name, because we have an excellent meal. Joan, Bryan and Kathleen all have pasta in one form or another whilst I have swordfish.

The Waiter (in the blue shirt), and the Chef (far right), see photographs below, do not speak any English, but we manage to get by in German, French and Italian (from Bryan's phrase book). It all works, because we end up with a meal each, copious amounts of alcohol, and a sweet, the end price being 80Euro including the tip.

In addition to an excellent meal, which takes up most of the afternoon, we have a good old laugh. The girls in particular become typical "Brits abroad" as the amount of alcohol consumed increases (wine at the cafe, Campari while studying the menu, Wine with the meal, followed by a couple of complimentary drinks, the name of which I have forgotten).

Just to complete the line up, the chap in the middle with his arms around the women, is the owner, whilst the chap in the red shirt was another diner, who just joined in the photograph.

We eventually wobble our way back to the campsite on our bikes, and Kathleen, in singing mood, entertains a little Italian girl, whose name is Julia.

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