Tuesday, 11 May 2010

May 11th 2010

Sant Pere Pescador – Aquarius – ASCI 2010-1660 Continued

It is washing machine day, so everything which can be washed is consigned to the washing machine. As usual, I am up first, but I do not even manage to finish my shower, before the towel is being snatched away to join the washing. The shrinking of my polo shirts by the tumble drier is avoided this time, by the simple expedient of reading the instructions.

We set off for the Bodega, on our bicycles. It is not far away (less than a mile) along a traffic free cycle track, just as well perhaps, in the event.

They have all kinds of drinks, including some expensive wines. The expensive stuff is not on free tasting.

They do have a "wall" of barrels, of perfectly nice, cheaper stuff which you can taste for free. There is a notice warning you that there is CCTV in operation, I can only assume this is so they can come and remove the bodies periodically.

There are all kinds, several Red wines, several Roses, several whites, and even a few Port (including some unusual white Port) and Sherry.

Naturally we have a taste of everything. The glasses are small, but there is nothing to stop you having more than one glass of each, just to be sure you have the taste right.

 As we wobbled back to the van, I understand why our German neighbours were a bit wobbly on their return yesterday.

Once you have decided what you want to buy, you fill your container from the barrel, and attach a label, so they know what it is, then go to a checkout to pay.

We are expecting to meet up with the Cricks in the next few days, so it is necessary to stock up, that Joan knows how to drink.

We eventually leave, with 5 litres of red, 5 litres of rose, 1 litre of dry sherry, 2 litres of Gin, it is not easy to carry all of that on a bicycle. 

The afternoon is spent, drinking the Sherry, and listening to Kathleen singing. 

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