Wednesday, 5 May 2010

May 4th 2010 - May 5th 2010

Sant Pere Pescador – Aquarius – ASCI 2010-1660 Continued

Last night, the weather got worse and worse, in addition to the rain, by 22:00 the wind was strong enough for us to decide we had to take the awning in, to prevent it from blowing itself to pieces.

I have often watched yacht racing, or indeed plain simple sailing on TV and thought “that looks like fun”. Well after taking an awning down, in pouring rain and with a howling wind, but with at least the ground underneath me staying still, I have changed my mind, there is no way I would want to do that with a boat moving about under my feet. So, scratch sailing as a future hobby.

The rain continued, along with the wind, all night, by (Tuesday) morning the rain had stopped, but the wind had got stronger.

Our groundsheet (from the awning), which was pegged down, had blown away, fortunately it was wrapped around a palm tree a few hundred yards away and I was able to retrieve it.

Around the site there are satellite dishes, branches etc scattered about.

The good news is that by 17:00 the wind has dropped, the bad news is, it is raining rather heavily.

Things are getting desperate, we are down to our last bottle of wine!

It continued to pour with rain all evening and most of the night. The noise of the rain on the roof was so loud we could not hear the sound track of the film we were trying watch, so we just had to drink the wine.

Wednesday dawned, dry, calm but overcaste.

Not much will be happening today, it is a full hair dressing day, plus using washing machine to wash clothes etc.

Oops!, not sure how I have just managed that, but I made posts out of order, 29th April seems to have been missplaced, sorry!

Starting around lunch time, the sun came out, nice and warm, everything looks so much better when the sun is shining.

Cycled into San Pere Pescador, to buy vegetables, on return put awning up, dried ground sheet etc etc.

19:30 now and it is raining again!

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