Monday, 10 May 2010

09th May 2010 - 10th May 2010

Sant Pere Pescador – Aquarius – ASCI 2010-1660 Continued

It is Sunday, so that is Kathleen's morning planned, no matter where we are she must go to church. We cycle into Sant Pere Pescador for 11:00.

Usually I would find a newsagent selling English newspapers, and a bar, but Sant Pere Pescador is not upto the task, I cannot even find a newsagent, let alone one selling English newspapers. I find the main square, it has two bars, but both are devoid of any sign of life, apart from (in one of them), a dog lying asleep.

I search some more, and find a likely spot for coffee when Kathleen emerges from church.

After church, we retire to the cafe I have found, where we have coffee, plus a sandwich (for me). I mention that I running low on Euros, and will need to draw more. Needless to say, Kathleen has more Euros left than I do. Several days ago she counted how much she had in 20 Euro notes, the answer was 100 Euro, today she still has 100 Euro in 20's, this according to her, after buying numerous items (all of which I have apparently eaten or drank, but which I have neglected to pay for). There is only one plausible explanation, the 20 Euro notes are having sex in her purse and producing offspring.

We return to the campsite, book ourselves a table for dinner this evening, then retire to the van for lunch. Kathleen has a heavy schedule of lying on her sun bed, it is very arduous, she must turn over every 30 minutes, to ensure she is evenly done. She breaks off briefly from this tiring schedule to talk to (quiz), the new Englsih neighbours, she establishes that:

  • they have been to Costa del Sol for the winter
  • they are heading for Royan in France for the summer
  • they have rented out their house in England, whilst they roam Europe
  • they return to Uk, for only one day per yer, to get the car MOT'd (they are towing a caravan).
  • they have two children (one daughter, not married, one son, married, no children, and currently touring the world, (presently in India), on motor cycles with his wife)
Isn't it amazing what one woman will tell another (a total stranger) in the space of ten minutes, plus isn't it amazing what one woman has the nerve to ask another (a total stranger).

We eat in the campsite restaurant, which is remarkably good, and then we are able to catch some of the family on skype, including reassuring ourselves that all is going well with Gary and Susana and the expected new arrival in Houston.  

Monday, and one set of English neighbours depart, heading for Narbonne, the sun is shining, perhaps the weather system which brought us all of the rain has moved on.

We cycle to the BonPreu supermarket in San Pere Pescadore, to purchase some supplies. Shortly after our return, our German neighbours arrive back on their bicycles, a little wobbly. They have been to the Bottega along the road, sampling wine, and buying several 5 litre containers of the stuff. I think that will be our destination tomorrow.

In the interests of keeping our figures, we indulge in a short cycle ride after lunch, we find a new route along the river beside San Pere Pescadore, and then explore the cycle track again, to see if it has dried up yet. As you can see it hasn't.  We are only able to do ten miles there and back, since Kathleen draws the line at riding through water, no sense of adventure! 

One of the other attraction here is the beach, it is wide and long, all good sand.

It is very popular with kite surfers, which of course tells you there is usually a good steady breeze blowing. This is fine when the sun is shining and it is hot, a nice breeze keeps things bearable, but when it is cloudy and cool, the wind is not so welcome!

In the afternoon, we undo the exercise regime with fresh strawberries.


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