Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Tuesday 6th October 2009

Houghton Mill near Huntingdon

It is my birthday, but it is raining!.

We have a leisurely breakfast and I open my cards etc, I am even excused from washing the dishes.

Given the weather we decide to take the bus to Cambridge (about 15 miles away). Once there the rain stops and the sun emerges.

We have a pleasant day wandering around Cambridge, the highlights for me are a pleasant lunch in Pret a Manger, and a trip in a punt along the River Cam. We could have had some nice photographs on the river, but the person in charge of the camera forgot to bring it along today. Kathleen enjoys herself spending an unexpected little windfall from interest payments on an account she had forgotten about, acquiring a pair of jeans, skirt and two blouses.

I have a wonderful business idea as I sit waiting outside the changing room. Why not have a store, stacked with “bargains”, where women could shop until they drop, but instead of having to all that tedious carrying the stuff home, at the checkout, they just put it in a charity bag for you and dump it at the front door. I think it could be a winner.

In the evening we walk to the “Three Jolly Butchers” pub in the village it is unbelievably mild, we do not even have to wear coats. We enjoy a super meal. Kathleen is her usual restrained self, sticking to two courses, but I go the full hog.

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