Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Saturday 3rd October 2009

Houghton Mill near Huntingdon
Kathleen cannot wait to make use of her “free” pensioners bus pass and we are told there is a good bus service from the village, so we walking into the village and take the bus to Huntingdon. Huntingdon has a good selection of shops, with a couple of supermarkets and even a Wilkinsons. I am irritated to find that the 3 Internet Dongle I have just bought in South Shields for £19.99 is only £17.99 here!. So Huntingdon is the nearest place for substantial shopping, but it is otherwise disappointing its old charm has been spoiled by shabby new developments. We even find a Greggs, where we have a sandwich lunch before returning to Houghton Mill.

After a bit of sitting reading the newspaper (what a hard life this is), we go for a walk along the river, for get some exercise for an hour.

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