Thursday, 15 October 2009

Thursday 15th October 2009

Burford Caravan Club Site

A short one today, becuse we have been travelling most of the day.

Today has not been too successful. We planned to go to the New Forest and stay at the Black Knowl Caravan Club Site, near Brockenhurst. We checked the website and it said it was full, but we have learned from experience that the website is seldom accurate, so we went anyway. Unfortunately when we got there it was full. Not actually full, but the vacant pitches were booked. The warden checked the other Caravan Club site in the New Forest (Bransgore), same story. So we decided to cut our losses and head for Cirencester, but same story there. According to the warden at all three sites, what happens is that people book sites “just in case”, but then fail to turn up. Since there is no penalty for not turning up, it seems fair game if you are selfish individual.

So we ended up at Burford, which is fine, but it is not in the New Forest.

Weather is damp, but we are told the forecast for tomorrow and the weekend is good.

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