Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sunday 18th October 2009

Burford Caravan Club Site

Another dry and cold day, with watery October sunshine.

Given that it is Sunday, cycle into Burford, and Kathleen attends the Catholic Church there. I stroll around the village and select a suitable pub for Sunday lunch. I choose “The Cotswolds Inn”, not my best choice, it is OK, but not memorable. When we arrive it is quiet, but then (literally) a busload of people pile in. We learn from a Canadian couple who sit at the next table to us, that they are on a whistle stop tour from London. They all eat and run, to have a quick look around Burford, and peace returns as we enjoy our pudding and coffee.

Then it is the usual end to a Sunday afternoon, cycle back to the van in the late autumn sunshine, and laze about. Kathleen begins scanning the books and maps looking for our next years destination, Germany is looking popular.

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