Friday, 9 October 2009

Friday 9th October 2009

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Not wonderful weather this morning. It is mild, but windy and cloudy. The weather forecast says rain by lunch time.

I am delegated to find the Sainsbury supermarket and to buy one or two things we need, whilst Kathleen does the washing.

The internet comes in handy, I use the Sainsbury Store Finder site to find the nearest store, and even a map of how to get there. Of course the map shows the route if you are driving, and I need to adjust it a little, since I am cycling, and like to avoid major roads.

I find Sainsbury no problem, and in addition to the things we actually needed, get a special offer on wine, 3 * £8.99 bottles for £10, not bad and return at 11:30, just as the rain is starting to fall, a little early!

Given the weather we decide to get the bus into Arundel. Kathleen goes to the “Information Room” to check out bus times (20 to and 10 past the hour), but after lunch we sit around reading, doing the crossword etc, and before you know it, it is 14:45, which means the next available bus is 15:10. We decide to continue lazing about!

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