Saturday, 17 October 2009

Saturday 17th October 2009

Burford Caravan Club Site

Today is more like October in England, sunny, but a bit crisp.

We have a leisurely breakfast, then get out the bikes and cycle along the small road from the site in the opposite direction to which we went yesterday, heading for a place called Carterton. We first pass through the small but pretty village of Shilton. Shortly after that we come to the B4020 which we had expected be a quiet road, but which in the event was quite busy. Fortunately there is a bridleway, which, we can see from our 30p map, will take us to Caterton by a slightly longer route, but traffic free. Kathleen grumbles slightly as we cycle along the bridleway on the basis that it is bumpy, has a few narrow bits with nettles, and is slightly muddy in places, but I have no difficulty in taking no notice.

We arrive in Caterton, which is a bit disappointing; it is a sort of MOD village, presumably built to accommodate people from the nearby airbase, very missable. We consult our map, and decide to do a circle back to Burford to have a coffee etc. It is looking good, I can see that the proposed route has promise, it passes not a single village, so not a shop in sight, and from Kathleen’s viewpoint it does not involve the bridleway we took to get here.

We peddle along a tarmac, but traffic free roadway, to emerge onto a small road. According to my reading of the map, exactly as it should be. Kathleen does not trust my map reading and decides to ask the driver of a Reliant Robin, which is parked by the road side. It turns out he is lost (even though he has a Tomtom!), so we end up giving him directions. Actually the road we have emerged onto is called Burford Road, a bit of a clue I would think. We cycle off along the road, and eventually emerge on the A40, so far so good. The road we need to take is about 20 yards on our left, on the other side of the A40. We opt to cross the road and walk along the grass verge rather than dice with the traffic. We then coast down a long hill, to the River Windrush, which we then follow to Burford.

We park the bikes and head for the coffee shop, Kathleen has her cream tea, which she has been planning since we left the van this morning. I opt for what is described as “rich fruit and nut cake”, in place of the cream scone. The cake is delicious, but would have been better if it had been twice as big.

We head back to where we have left the bikes, Kathleen spots a sign for a “Shoe Sale”, so despite my careful route planning, we still end up in a shop. The good news is that she got a pair of “fashion” boots for only £29-99. Since I had said I would buy her boots, and I was expecting to have to pay about £80, I suppose I should be grateful.

We cycle back to the van, via the quiet little road we used yesterday. We have done 16 miles, Kathleen has (hardly) complained about the hills, or the bumps or the nettles or the mud, and has now acquired the full outfit (ie skirt, jeans, two blouses, jumper and boots), so she is happy. Her justification is that she has not had any new clothes for “years”, I think it more like three weeks. I have enjoyed my fruit cake, and, according to womens logic, have “saved” £50, (but since I have actually spent £29-99 I will have to think about this) so I am happy.


  1. Feel much happier now I am up-to-date with current blogs, putting a smile on my face and have also had a go at the rice website. Managed to do 4000 with a little healp from Martin!

  2. Shame he could help with my spelling!