Tuesday, 25 April 2017

To St Priest Taurion

Monday 24th April 2017

An early start, for 160 miles to our next stop, an Aire at St Priest Taurion (N45 53.172’ E1 23.785’). 

There are minimum facilities, just the basic waste disposal facilities, but, it is an idyllic spot, on the banks of the River Taurion. 

The Aire is located in the Municipal Sports Ground, for the village (how do they afford to have such facilities?).

There is one Dutch Van there when we arrive, another (French) van turns up later, so, three of us with enough space for probably 10-15.

The lady from the Dutch van is very friendly, we learn she is a Freelance Fitness Instructor, and, Kathleen gets some free exercise tips, which pleases her.

We visit the Village Bar/Cafe and manage to talk French, all be it, not very well, to the owners teenage daughter. She at least pretends to understand us!

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