Monday, 17 April 2017

Bonterra Park, Benicassim, Spain (14/04/17 - 17/04/17)

Friday, 14th April 2017

The Easter weather gremlin continues. Coast is shrouded in mist, until about 11:00, but, then the sun burns it's way through, and we have blue sky with a few fluffy white clouds and a scorching 25C.

One of our shorter circular cycle rides (11.5miles), brings us to well over 80 miles for the week. Kathleen is now contemplating going for the 100!

Kathleen goes to church in the evening, since it is Good Friday.

Later, when I go to pick her up, on the scooter, we notice various statues etc are being assembled outside of the church.

We attempt to ask one of the people arranging them, at what time something is likely to happen.

Ten o'clock (in the evening, we are told.

So, we defy the laws on Pensioners being out after 19:00, and head to the town at 21:30.

Sure enough, there is an enormous parade of religious statues.

There are many, many people taking part, some dressed in what, to me, appear rather sinister costumes, reminiscent of the Klan, but, clearly, these costumes must predate that dreadful organisation.

There are at least two marching bands, one consisting entirely of drums, and the other, a brass band. 

Saturday, 15th April 2017

Sun, blue sky, with light cloud, and 23C.

I did say that I thought Kathleen would decide to go for the 100 miles, and sure enough, we do a cycle ride along the coast, which brings us 103 miles for the week.

There is a Music Festival on, at present, in Benicassim. There is a massive temporary campsite, and, the Festival Site is on the edge of town, with shuttle busses provided to take people to the site.

In addition, it would appear, there is live music at some of the bars/cafes.

It would seem it it is free.

The photographs are of a bar called Rock Cafe, near Cafe Vincente, which, we have never seen open, for the past six weeks, but, today, it is buzzing!

Sunday, 16th April 2017

Sun, blue sky, with light cloud, and 23C.

A short cycle ride, followed by chores (we have to prepare for departure), washing, hair washing etc.

Monday, 17th April 2017

Another day of Easter Gremlins for the weather. The forecast says is will be Sun 22C, but, the reality is cloudy, windy and 19C, with a definite threat of rain.

The sun manages to shine for a few hours, but, then, in the evening the rain comes, although, just a shower.

There is a wholesale exodus of the noisy Spanish, to be replaced by more, quieter, Spanish.

Scooter, bicycles etc all loaded.


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