Saturday, 22 April 2017

Moissac, Cycling

Friday 21st April 2017

Sunny, blue sky, 20C.

Today is spent cycling along the Canal Lateral de Garonne, in the direction of Castelsarrasin, about 5 miles away, then another 5 miles beyond that, to make a twenty mile round trip, through beautiful countryside.

Saturday, 22nd April 2017.

Blue sky, 25C.

We are enjoying it here so much, we decide to stay another day.

This decision disrupts the Church plan, so, we head off on the scooter to find the Convent Misercordia, where there is a mass on Saturday evening. We find the place no problem, and, the nun on Reception duties is amazingly helpful, even giving us a mini tour of the building! So, that is Kathleen sorted.

We spend the rest of the day cycling along the Canal (22 miles), in the opposite direction to yesterday.

We go as far as Valence en Agen, where there is this amazing fountain, outside of the bar, where we were forced to stop for a cooling beer.

I spend the evening in Bar Compestelle. I make use of my French a la Michel Thomas, to ask for "encore biere, s'il vous plait", only for the bar man to say "un autre biere", which according to Michel, is incorrect!

Either way, I received another beer.

Kathleen does the Church bit.

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