Friday, 14 April 2017

Bonterra Park, Benicassim, Spain (07/04/17 - 13/04/17)

Friday, 7th April 2017

Blue sky, sun, 22C.

A trip to Lidl, to buy beer, and steaks. 

It so happens, they have a "special" on Cycling Gear, Kathleen decides that her raised cycling skills, demand a new Cycling Helmet.

After lunch, we go on a short cycle ride, toward Orapesa. 

There is an excellent cycle track, but as we have cycled along on it on previous occasions, we have noticed there are also tracks running between the cycle track and the coast, and we decide to explore these.

About 2.5 miles from Bonterra Park, there is a ramp down from the cycle track, at a point where there is a lone house, alongside the cycle track.

I am being very precise about this, because, we discover, it is the place where, it would appear, young ladies go for a spot of nude swimming, since there are several of them
frollicing in the water, starkers

So, chaps, this is how you find it.

I suggest to Kathleen, we could stop and have a picnic there, but, she is not having any of it.

I don't have any photographs either, you will have to make do with scenic shots.

In addition to not being too keen on the nude swimmers, Kathleen is not too happy with the rather rough and stoney track.

We eventually find a spot where we can scramble up to the "official" cycle track.

As you can see, the new cycle helmet has done wonders for Kathleen's cycling, she would never have got up this hill in her old cycling helmet.

At several points along the coast, there are towers.

They have the appearance of Windmills, but, they are, or were, watchtowers. 

They were originally built so that the
inhabitants of the area could keep a watch for marauding pirates, or other enemies, probably, the English.

Many of them, this one in particular are very well preserved, considering they were built in the 1500's

In fact, they are slightly better preserved that the old man holding it up (me).

Saturday, 8th April 2017

Sunshine, blue sky, 22C.

Today is a 50% hypothetical day.

By that, I mean, hypothetically, if Kathleen had grey hair, and, dyed her her hair, then, today, is the day, I would, hypothetically be called upon to dye her hair.

By lunch time, the day changed from hypothetical, to real.

 In a bid to show that the morning has not been wasted, Kathleen excels, with a lunch of cooked meats, cheese, and bread.

Kathleen took these photographs, of me, being looked after, because, she says, I send out a biased view of how well cared for I am.

Oh, and, she told me I was to be sure to tell everyone how lucky I am!

Which I enjoy with a nice glass of Rioja.

But, Kathleen cannot resist showing off her frugal lunch, not even any alcohol, well, 1% alcohol shandy does not count.

I think this is hint from Kathleen, that strategically holding my plate to mask my middle, is not enough.

In the evening, confusion reigns.

We are led to believe there will be a parade, from the church, presumably in connection with Palm Sunday, and, that, tomorrow, there will be a Marathon (running).

As Kathleen heads off to church, there is a Half-Marathon In-line Skates race going on. 

After that, there is a half marathon running race.

No sign of the parade from the church.

Sunday, 9th April 2017

Sunshine, blue sky, 22C.

Today is, apparently, Palm Sunday, the plan was to go into town because there was due to be a procession and other festivities. The procession did take place, but, we, along with numerous other people, went at wrong time, and missed it all!

Consoled ourselves with a 12 mile bicycle ride along the coast, followed by an excellent lunch, cooker by my goodself, and, ably assisted by Kathleen.

Monday, 10th April 2017

Sunshine, blue sky, 22C.

Although we feel like we have not done very much, we have actually done quite a bit today.

Fifteen miles of cycling, initially through the countryside, returning via the coast.

Making toasted sandwiches, in a frying pan!

The method is courtesy of our neighbour Rose.

Basically, you butter one slice bread on the "wrong side", put in the filling (ham and cheese, in our case), place the sandwich in a hot, dry frying pan, butter side down, and press down with spatula.

After about three minutes, remove, butter the "wrong side" of the top slice, turn over and return to frying pan, butter side down and press down with spatula,

Remove after about three minutes.

It is done.

Tasted delicious, from now on, when we have these, we will think of Rose (and Jeff)!

Since this is our last week here, and, it is Easter weekend looming, we do some wine and spirits shopping (to take home).

Tuesday 11th April 2017

Sunshine, blue sky, 22C.

Our Jim Reeves sing a like neighbour, Karl, and his partner, Wendy,  left this morning, heading home.

We spend the morning feeding Kathleen's desire to do 80 miles per week of walking and/or cycling, by cycling to Castellon-de-la-Plana, then return via the coast, stopping off at Penguin for lunch. 

That is another 21 miles, to bring us to 50 miles for the week, so far (3 days in).

Tomorrow, our other neighbours, Jeff and Rose, are leaving, heading a little further south, to Valencia. 

We had a very pleasant evening drinking wine and chatting to them. We will be sad to see them go, a very nice couple, who, hopefully, we will meet again, perhaps, here, next year.

It was Rose who told us about the "toasted sandwich in a frying pan", mentioned above, so, she will be remembered everytime we have a toasted sandwich!

Wednesday 12th April 2017

Blue sky, sun, 23C.

We have a day off from the cycling, contenting ourselves with a couple of coastal walks.

We try a different bar for our refreshing beer, whilst walking, Cerveceria Gambrinus, in the main street. Two beers for 3.60Euro, and we get two free, and delicious, tapas, plus excellent friendly service from the lone waitress.

There are more and more of the "over winter" visitors leaving, and the Spanish Easter holidays have clearly begun. More and more Spanish Families arriving, which is, generally, very nice, and, of course, we are in Spain, but, they are incredibly noisy!

Thursday 13th April 2017

Typical Easter weather! The forecast says sun and 23C, the reality is cloud and 13C.

The good news is, by 10:30, the forecast has come good, blue sky, sunshine and 23C.

As soon as the sun comes out, we head off on our daily cycle ride, a 15 mile circuit today, because, Kathleen feels the 12 mile circuit is now "too easy" for her!

After the cycle ride, we sit in the sun, and observe the antics of the Spanish Family who are parked behind us. There appears to be six adults and three children, in a caravan which cannot be more than four birth!

Lunch at Pizzeria Danubio, this is the first time in four visits to Benicassim we have seen the place open. It is quite pleasant, and at only 17Euro for two Pizzas and half a litre of red wine, not expensive.

Kathleen decides to treat me to Ice Cream at "Mama Luisa's". I have the "large" size, which is too much even for an icecream lover, such as myself. Goodness knows what the "X-large" is like! Have to say, however, it is not the best icecream I have had in Benicassim, the Torre St Vincente, holds that honour, so far...

Kathleen does her church duty, in the evening. There is lots of Police activity, the high street is closed off to traffic, there are a couple of Police cars parked, with blue lights flashing, and, even a stage set up outside of the Church. It looks as if some event may be going take place, but, although we hang around waiting for a half hour of so, nothing transpires.


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