Monday, 24 April 2017

Moissac, haircare day!

Sunday 23rd April 2017

Another brilliant day, blue sky, 24C.

The original "plan" was to leave here today, but, it is so pleasant here, we have decided to stay for an extra day.

This does pose a slight problem, today is scheduled to be Kathleen's "hair-care day".

Normally, it has been decreed, on a "hair-care" day, we MUST be a full facility site (ie EHU, copious amounts of hot water, correctly sized and position wash basins, suitable mirrors), but, we are on an Aire, the hair-care process is going to have to be done, using the facilities within the van.

The good news is, it all goes without a hitch, Kathleen even declares it a positive success.

Of course, it was not Kathleen who had to carry 100 litres of water, from the tap, and fill the onboard tank, nor was it Kathleen who had to carry 100 litres of waste water to the disposal point. 

It is possible to drive the van to the service point and fill/empty water, but, that would have meant driving the van with Kathleen in the middle of the hair washing routine, something told me, suggesting this, was not wise.

Maybe, I should have been born an Aquarius, instead of a Libra?

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