Friday, 31 May 2013

Wednesday 29th May 2013 - Friday 31st May 2013

Just to show, a bit of sun makes all of the difference, here is a photograph of the Aire at Narbonne, from more or less the same spot as in the last post, but, without the torrential rain!

Thursday, we leave to move to Trebes, which is only 4 miles along the Canal du Midi, from Carcassonne.

It is only a short drive, and we arrive around lunch time at A l'Ombre des Microcouliers (N43 12' 24" E2 26' 31"), just in time for the rain to start.

It rains solidly from 13:00 on Thursday and is still raining as I write this, 10:00 Friday!. The campsite is right next to the River Aude, and we, are right on the river bank.

Kathleen is amusing herself by watching the debris (bits of tree etc) being swept along in the river, and wondering, how long it will be before the river is high enough to flood where we are sitting.

She is such an optimist.

The rain stops long enough for us to walk into Trebes.

Perhaps, Kathleen is right to be concerned, the river is flowing very fast through the arches of the bridge, and, there is lots of debris in it.

Once the "finding of the church" is accomplished, Kathleen's thoughts turn to having her hair cut, coloured etc.

We find a hair dresser, who is able to do the deed "toute suite", so, Kathleen entrusts herself to her, whilst I wander off to amuse myself.

I think Kathleen is very brave actually, the hairdresser speaks virtually no English. We have, with our pigeon French, managed to establish that it can be done immediately, and that it will be finished at 12:30. But, communication of hairdressing technicalities is going to be "interesting".

The hair dresser, although she probably does not know it, is even more brave, because I would not like to be in her shoes, if she messes up!

In the meantime, the sun makes a brief appearance.

Kathleen emerges at the appointed time, lighter by 50 Euro, hair cut.

The plan was, while we were here, to cycle along the Canal du Midi to Carcassonne, given the weather, that does not seem a very likely option!

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