Thursday, 9 May 2013

Monday 6th May 2013 - Thursday 9th May 2013

Grua de Gandia, l'Alqueria (N38 59'10" W0 9'49")... continued...

Monday is a chores day, clothes washing, well I suppose it cannot all be fun.

Our English neighbours are washing too, they are posh and have a little "camping twin tub".

Aren't women amazing, give them a sink, some hot water, and some dirty clothes and they will play for hours quite happily.

Food shopping, and Washing done, we head off for a walk (and a beer or two) along the promenade.

Life really is just so hard, But, we struggle by.

The most excitement today occurs when the chap from the Dutch Campervan near us, gets himself locked in the shower! The site maintenace team are summoned by his wife and are soon on hand to release him.

Tuesday dawns overcast, what a disappointment, but, as the day wears on, not only does the sun reappear, but it becomes hotter than ever. We explore to the end of Gandia Promenade, on our bicycles, 3 miles of excellent promenade, backed by, almost empty, clean, sandy, beach. Like South Shields, with sun.

Wednesday, we cycle to Oliva via the coast route, staying clear of any Orange Groves, to find out where we went wrong on Sunday, more miles and miles of beautiful, well kept promenade and clean sandy beach.

I know it is not PC to talk about our Muslim brothers, but, sometimes, you have to admit, they may have a bit of a valid grumble about their treatment in the past at the hands of the Catholic Church.

Wandering around the old part of Gandia, and came across a Catholic Church, with, this explanation of its origins.

First they build a church, on top of their mosque. Then, even after they have agreed to convert to Christianity, and donated to the church building fund, they get kicked out anyway.

Not sure what the European Court of Human Rights would have had to say about that.

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