Sunday, 5 May 2013

Friday 3rd May 2013 - Sunday 5th May 2013

El Berro, Alhama de Murcia, Sierra Espuna continued...

It is beautiful here, but, a combination of anxieties on Kathleen's part (she is anxious about having to drive back down to civilisation, and in case I have another "Cordoba episode", when we are in such a remote area), mean it is decided we will not stay here.

I do not have any photographs of the drive, I did threaten Kathleen with either taking the photographs, or, driving the van whilst I took the photographs, but, nothing would induce her to stop holding onto the seat with both hands.

Quite what good that would have done, if we had gone over the drop, is beyond me.

So, Friday, we arrive at Grua de Gandia, l'Alqueria (N38 59'10" W0 9'49"), another ASCI site.

This is a large site, on the edge of town, and about 1 km from the sea. It was one of the "recommendations" collected by Kathleen from people we have met on our travels.

It is a very "Spanish" site, not many foreigners here, one other Brit, a couple of German Vans and a couple of French Vans.

We have English "neighbours", Alan and Glenise. Glenise certainly has a remarkable story to tell, two knee replacements done at the same time, and a hip replacement which dislocated shortly after the operation and had to be corrected. All of this in the past 12 months, and she is here riding about on a bicycle. You have to admire some peoples positive outlook and determination not to give in!

It is hair washing day, so I am typing this whilst waiting for completion, then, we are going to the Saturday Market, cannot wait, I am so excited.

The Saturday market has lots and lots of Handbag, Scarves, and Clothes stalls, and, no Beer tent, so, that is a 1/10.

Gandia "old" town is very pleasant, nice squares and pavement bars, just about makes up for being dragged around the market.

Church for Kathleen has been dispensed with on Saturday evening.

So, Sunday, we cycle to a town called Oliva, about eight miles south, along an excellent cycle track.

I suspect the cycle track is an old railway line, nice and level through Orange Groves.

Oliva, the town is quite a lively place, with an "old" quarter of narrow winding streets, as well as a more modern part with wide avenues.

We make our way to the beach, and the marina, here we find another ASCI campsite, much more upmarket that where we are it is called Kiko Park, Oliva (N38 55'58", W0 5' 51"), worth remembering for future reference.

While nosing around the campsite, we meet an English couple, who explain how to get to the Marina Restaurant, and how to cycle back to Gandia via the Coast (more of this later).

First, lunch at the Marina, very pleasant it is too, spoiled only by Kathleen's insistence on having only one glass of Red Wine, instead of a bottle, on the basis, we have to ride our bicycles back to Gandia.

It was 8 miles here (to Oliva), and we have done another couple to find the beach and Marina, so, we have done 10 miles so far.

After lunch, we set off to follow the directions to return via the coast route. Let us just say, it does not go as planned. Kathleen loses patience (how unusual), and asks directions. It turns out, the lady she asks is from Latvia, but, living in Spain, and she kindly drives slowly so, we can follow her out of the maze of lanes in the Orange Plantation!.

We return to Gandia having cycled 24 miles, so, that is 8 miles there, 14 miles back!

Kathleen is resolved to never again listen to directions for an alternative route!

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