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Thursday 16th May 2013 - Monday 20th May 2013

Valencia, Pinedo, Coll Vert (N39 23'47" W0 19' 58")...continued......

Thursday, we skip the historic buildings bit, and cycle the whole of the Jardines del Turia Park.

It is amazingly well organised, with a cycle track circling the whole park. They even have speed "cameras" for bicycles!

Kathleen is being a good cyclist and keeping within the speed limit, as the smiley face shows!

I even get a photograph of the purple blossom on the trees.

Sunday, so, it is "going to church day".

We cycle into Valencia, where there is a Mass at the Cathederal, every hour on Sunday Mornings, clearly, either no shortage of Catholic Priests here, or, they work longer hours.

I am told, it is Pentecost Sunday, which might explain the hectic "goings on" in Valencia.

First we emerge from the Turia Park, at the Royal Bridge, to find, we cannot cross the road into the city centre, because there is a Valencian version of the Great North Run going on. Much to Kathleen's irritation, we must go back down the ramp to the park, and back up another ramp, on the other side of the road. 

We soon notice, in addition to the run, there are several women, and men, dressed in rather exotic traditional costumes.

While Kathleen is at church, I wander the streets and manage this rather poor photgraph of some of them.

In a square near the church, there are literally hundreds of tables and chairs set out, along with a couple of

childrens bouncy castles, and some VERY loud music.

This is presumably going to be a mammoth Paella cooking and eating party, this group are setting up to begin cooking giant paella in the street.

When Kathleen emerges from church, we wander among the crowds for a while, before cycling back to the campsite.

Enroute, we stop off for a beer or two. Two major achievements occur, first, I convince Kathleen to try one of the "snacks" on offer, she agrees to try "Patatas Bravas", if I can order it without the Mayonnaise, I cannot get her to try the Calamary, so, I am forced to eat that all to myself. The second achievement, is, I manage to speak to the waitress, in Spanish, and obtain Patatas Bravas, without mayonnaise.

Leave Valencia and head North (on our way slowly home now), toward Peniscola.
We have chosen two possible Aires from the Spain and Portugal Aires book, La Moreras (N40 23.398’ E0 24.607’), and La  Mersera (N40 23.876’ E0 24.758’), both in Peniscola, within half a mile of each other, and, both are closed, defunct.
In addition, the approach to La Moreras is more suited to a 4x4, than a campervan!.
Not to worry, there are other Aires signposted, and we end up at Viz Mar, Peniscola (N40 23’32” E0 24’25”), 10Euro a night including Electric, toilets, showers etc, or 6Euro per night, no electric. This is a sort of Aire, attached to a campsite. It is not clear to me what the difference is between the Aire and the Campsite (which is in the ACSI book).
The campsite is only about 50 yards from an excellent cycle track, which takes you onto the promenade at Peniscola.

At one end is an old castle, which, presumably was the original Peniscola, ie, before tourism.

Six miles north, and the promenade is still going on, although, not quite finished at this point!

So, that gives more than 12 miles of easy cycling!
In the evening, our Belgian neighbour gives an impromptu Spanish Guitar recital, in between barbequing the evening meal, for himself and his wife.
When commenting on Campsites, or Aires, people often remark on things like traffic noise, church bells, etc.

Well, let me tell you, a Donkey in the field next to the campsite is a big turn off.

They make an incredibly annoying noise!

You have been warned!

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