Monday, 3 June 2013

Saturday 1st June 2013 - Monday 3rd June 2013

Weather is dismal, blowing a gale as we leave Trebes.

On to Salles sur L’Hers (N43 17.533' E1 47.233'). An Aire with two unmetered Electric points,

Fresh Water and usual waste disposal.
We are initially the only van there, but, we are soon joined by four  French vans. A nice quiet spot, adjacent to the Sports Stadium (how can a tiny French village support a sports stadium with floodlit Football field, Basket Ball court, Tennis Court, and a two story club house?)
There is a little plaque on the Service
Point, telling you, the facilities are free, and asking you in turn, to support the local businesses.
We did our bit, but, the only place which was open was the Village Bar/cafe.

Sunday morning, Kathleen goes to church, whilst I continue to support the village bar/cafe, and make use of their free wifi to attempt to contact son, Gary, on Skype, to wish him happy birthday.

 After church, we are on our way north again.
A very pleasant drive, mostly along the N113, which runs alongside the Canal di Midi for a lot of the way, past Toulouse and on to just outside Cahors.

 Arcabal (N44 27.412' E1 30.966'), approximately 5 miles outside Cahors. A pleasant spot, beside the Marie (Town Hall).
Weather has improved, it is summer again!
Plenty to do, if you feel  energetic, boules courts, tennis courts, basket ball court, children's play area, plus of course a football field.
Usual services for waste, fresh water, and electricity (2Euro for one hour, not very attractive!). There is a tap, but, we are uncertain of the waters provenance. Some French boule players drink it. Later, Kathleen points a passing German cyclist in the direction of the tap, when he is looking for water. Everyone seems to survive the experience.

Amazingly, given we are right next to the Town Hall, there is no Wifi signal, so, a trip to the McDonalds in Cahors is necessary, to make my Skype call to Gary.

Monday, north again, to Uzerche (N45 25.471' E1 33.968').

This is a real find.

Space for 20 vans, but, by evening there are 22 in there!

There are free electric hook ups, 40 according to the Aires Guide. I did not count them, but, unless you have a very long hook up cable, you may, like us, have to share. No problem however, a very kind elderly French lady (in an equally elderly van), very kindly offered
to share a hook up point with us. We will just have to hope that both she and Kathleen do not want to use their hairdryers at the same time.

The aire is on the site of the former Railway Station (long ago closed by a French version of Dr Beeching). The station building houses toilets, unisex of course, as the French do.

The former railway line, is now a gravelled footpath / cycle track, heading off in two directions, so, weather permitting that is tomorrows entertainment.

The town of Uzerche (at least the old part), is a revelation, beautifully preserved buildings, some dating back to the 1100's ! 

The only disappointment is, we had planned to have Pizza this evening (either take away or eat-in), but, there does not appear to be a Pizza shop!

There is, however, a very nice square, with a Bar-Tabac.

Unfortunately, my Orange-France SIM card lets me down, my Skype call to grandson, Gabriel, to see him on his 3rd birthday, is such a poor connection, we get no video, and precious little sound!

The other disaster of the day, is, our toilet in the van is broken.

The problem is with the Cassette. The Orange-France connection is at least
good enough to allow me to download instructions and DIY "how to fix it" tips from the Thetford website.

I learn enough to know, I am not going to be able to fix it until we get home, and I can buy spare parts.

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