Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A slow start, but, finally, we are committed!

Saturday, 11th February 2017

We exchanged our "Tesco Vouchers" for a Tunnel voucher, some weeks ago, ready to book a crossing. Then, the dreaded "medication review" for Kathleen threw a spanner in the works. Changes of medication, blood pressure monitoring, blood samples combine to mean, no booking can be made.

But, today, we bite the bullet and book, given the minimum 14 day notice period, we are on for 25th February 2017, Spain, and sunshine (we hope), here we come.

Previously, we have always been light on planning, ie, we did not really do any, but, this trip, with only one driver, I feel a bit more "pressured" and therefore inclined to have at least a vague plan.

First, a four day stop-over to see grandchildren Gabriel and Salma, and their parents (Gary and Susana) of course.

We cannot get into our "usual" stop over (Queens Acre, Oakley Green, Windsor), so, we will be staying at Chertsey Camping and Caravan Club site.

We are booked on the tunnel, 12:30am Saturday, ie, just after midnight, so the plan is, after exiting tunnel, drive to Baie-de-Somme Aire on the A16, about 60 miles, then sleep.

So, if all goes as planned, the map on the right is the first leg of our journey, with a stop-over to visit Gary and Susana and do some grandchildren bonding of course.

Next, head for the Somport Tunnel (weather permitting), hopefully two overnight stops should do it, before the tunnel.

Somport Tunnel Route, perhaps, I will not show this to Kathleen in advance?

We have the obligatory "Garden Photograph" to give Claire something to aspire to in her "looking after the garden" role, during our absence.

Tuesday, 21st February 2017.

We get away pretty much on time, ie 9:40, so far, nothing of significance appears to have been left behind. So far the only thing we are aware of leaving behind is a loaf of bread, it's absence was discovered at our lunch stop.

For once, an easy drive south to Chertsey, not one traffic hold up, well, not until we reach the M3 junction on the M25, so, 290 easy miles, to arrive at Chertsey, Camping and Caravan Club Site at approximately 17:00.

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