Sunday, 26 February 2017

Chertsey to Baie de Somme then Poitiers, France

This is not going to be a very exciting post, for the next few days we are going to be travelling almost continually.

Our last day in the UK, for a couple of months starts with a wet morning but, eventually "improves" to be bloody freezing, with only occasional rain.

We leave Chertsey C&CC site and make our way along the southern M25 to Canterbury, New Dover Road Park and Ride.

Being the dutiful husband, I have checked out the Mass times in Canterbury, so, that is Kathleen occupied for the evening. If there is anything in this Religion "game", and or course, assuming the Catholics are the "chosen ones", then I should be sitting pretty, having ensured Kathleen can always attended Mass.

The route from Canterbury to the Channel Tunnel check-in is, shall we say, "interesting", a real cross country route. But, as usual the check-in is slick, and, we are soon on the 11:30, heading for Calais.

Out of the tunnel and 65 miles to the Aire at Baie de Somme. The Aire is on the Toll section, so, we have to pay the toll (6Euro) for that section to stay there. For once, the place is deserted, we are the only ones there. We are too tired to care about that, (well I am), and I at least have a sound few hours sleep.

Sunday morning, drizzle, dry after Rouen, then, a little sunshine, followed by more drizzle, but, a mild 12C

300 miles to Poitiers Futurscope (N46 39.813' : E0 22.094'), not exactly palatial, water, electricity are extra (by the hour and litre, 2euro/hour for Electric and 2Euro/100Litre for the water), at least it is secure I suppose, and, not far off the main road.

A pretty exhausting day for me, driving almost none stop from 8:00 until 16:30, but, Kathleen does the dutiful wife act and produces a Chicken Curry, a can of beer and a bottle of wine!

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