Friday, 24 February 2017

Wednesday, 22nd - Friday 24rd January 2017

Not a good start to our trip, doubtful weather and "Storm Doris" means gale force winds, but, reasonably mild, and not too much rain.

There is plenty of evidence of small branches blown down from the trees, and, overnight, the noise of the wind blowing through the trees on the campsite is quite loud, enough to keep Kathleen awake, although, I cannot say I noticed it, until Kathleen woke me up to tell me about it!

I am not sure about this new fangled naming of storms, before, we just used to have the odd windy day, now, we have storms, and News Presenters staggering about Blackpool seafront in the wind and rain.

These few days are spent visiting Gary, Susana, Gabriel and Salma, for "Grandchildren bonding" time.

Gabriel of course is at school, but, we see him in the evening and take him to his Karate Class.

Salma, is coming along wonderfully, hair has grown, some teeth are there with more coming, and she is mobile (a combination of crawling and shuffling along on her bottom).

We get to check out the (soon to be, we hope) new house, and, meet new neighbours to be. Plenty of work to do, but, I am sure it will be beautiful when it is all finished!

Finally Kathleen and Salma have a joint, slightly delayed birthday party, a 1st birthday and a 70th birthday.

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