Thursday, 13 October 2016

Windsor, then Home

Monday 10th October 2016

After yesterday's rain, we have a bright and sunny day.

We  are close enough to Gary & Susana's house to cycle there, but, in the interests of saving time, we unload the scooter from trailer, and use that to ride to Wyatt Road.

A very pleasant morning spent with Susana and Salma, followed by retail therapy for Kathleen, while Salma attends a hospital appointment. 

We have the very pleasant task of collecting Gabriel from school, after his football club.

The whole point of stopping off at Windsor, was to see the family, Gary, Susana, Gabriel and Salma, but, as so often happens with jobs such as Gary's, things do not go according to plan, and, it looks as if we will not see him, but, then, late in the afternoon,  a nice surprise, Gary arrives home, so, we get to spend the evening with all of the "Windsor Reays".

By the time we leave, to return to the Van, it is a cold and dark ride back. We have the correct protective clothing with us however, and Kathleen earns another "stripe" on her "bike-chick" credentials!.

Tuesday 11th October 2016

Brr.... a really cold and frosty start, to the day, but, bright and sunny as the morning progresses.

An hour or so, with Gary all to myself, whilst we return his hire car, followed by very pleasant walk and lunch at Virginia Water, with the ladies (Kathleen, Susana and Salma) joining us.

Looking after Gabriel and Salma, whilst Gary and Susana go to Gabriel's School, to hear his teacher praise him (what else!).

A family meal, in the evening, to round off the day.

A little excitement as we get a taxi back to the Van. I ask to be taken to "Queens Acre" (the name of the Campsite), only to be taken to a rather smart housing development. Be warned, there are two places called "Queens Acre", in Windsor.

No problem, the driver acknowledges the mistake, and we arrive eventually, at the correct place. Actually, I am rather flattered that the Taxi Driver thought we looked affluent enough to live at the Queens Acre housing development, but, then again, perhaps, he thought we were "staff"?

Wednesday 12th October 2016

It would appear, the bright sunny weather has come to an end, cloudy with showers this morning.

Gary drives along to bid us farewell and safe journey.

We arrive home late afternoon, after an uneventful journey.

The garden is pleasantly tidy, thanks to Phillippa and Claire's efforts, it is so nice, NOT, to return to an out of control garden!

The journey, overall.

The journey home, in video.

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