Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Dunkirk to Dover, Rainham in Kent and Windsor

Sunday, 9th October 2016

Our Ferry is 6:00am, with check-in 5:00am, and about 20 minutes drive to the Port, from the
Gravelines Aire, so, needless to say, it is dark and cold, given the time of morning, to make matters more unpleasant, it is raining, not continually, but, a series of heavy showers.

Amazingly, at such an early hour, the ferry is very crowded, lots of buses, each of course with 50-60 passengers.

A wet arrival in Dover, at 7:15 UK time.

Reasonably light traffic, but,pouring rain, most of the way to Rainham in Kent.

But, the sun shines, as we arrive at Chez Brian and Linda, for breakfast.

Gravelines to Rainham, in video.

After breakfast, a catch up chat, and a brief tour of Brian's new toy (Smart Car to tow behind campervan), we travel around the M25 to Queens Acre, Windsor, for a nice welcome from Celeste, the owner.

Once settled in, we cycle the 1.5 miles to Gary and Susana's for our Gabriel and Salma fix.

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