Saturday, 8 October 2016

Chateau-Thierry, Coucy Le Chateau and Gravelines

Friday, 7th October 2016

Rather dull, 8C as we leave Chateau-Thierry. It does improve as the day progresses, but, just a little sunshine, and 15C.

First stop, Lidl, so Kathleen can add to her wine and Gin collection.

It turns out to be Market Day in Chateau-Thierry, what a shame, we missed it.

Then a pleasant 45 miles or so along quiet roads, to Coucy Le Chateau.

It is a pleasant small village, no problems as a stop over, but, I am pleased I did not choose as the stop-over for the day of my birthday, the only "commerces" are a Pharmacy and a Boulangerie!

That is first impressions, but, there is a "haut ville", with a ruined 13th century castle, and, I suspect, one or more bars / cafes / hotels, but, I cannot coax Kathleen into climbing the steep hill to get there.

The Aire at Coucy Le Chateau (N49 31.199 E3 18.805), appears well organised, no entry barrier, but, a similar machine to Chateau-Thierry, to pay for
Electricity, etc, and, dispense a code to give access to water, toilet and electricity. 

The charge is 5Euro / 24 hours, Parking, Water, Toilet and 16amp EHU, everything clean and tidy.

There are marked out spaces for six vans, when we arrived, just before lunch time, only one van here (British), then a further three Brits turned up, by 15:00, it was full plus an extra two vans squeezed in (French and Belgian). 

This portion of the trip, in video.

Saturday, 8th October 2016

Misty and murky start to the day, but, not cold. By lunchtime, a hint of blue sky.

The final leg, to our usual last stop, Gravelines, which is really like saying Dunkirk, since, Gravelines is a rest stop, if it is a Saturday (which it is), Kathleen goes to church.

A traffic free drive, except around Lille, and a leisurely lunch stop, to make a pleasant last day in France.

Once we arrive, and get "set up" we have a meal, Kathleen does church, then, a little drink, and an early night, because, tomorrow is a 4:30am start.

This portion of the trip, in video.

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