Sunday, 7 April 2013

Saturday 6th April 2013 - Sunday 7th April 2013

Saturday Continued,

A walk into town, to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes, ie, eating and drinking.

Kathleen always likes me to think she endures the eating and drinking just to please me, but, it looks to me as if she enjoys the drinking, just as much as I do!

You will notice, the bottle of wine is almost empty, and that is BEFORE we have eaten our meal.

A very nice lunch, a Kebab for her ladyship, and Swordfish for me, followed by a very large Banana Split, 40Euro, and that was including the most expensive bottle of wine on the list (15Euro).

A wander around town to walk off the food and drink.

This, is the "old town", so much more attractive than the concrete and glass, "New Town", in my humble opinion.

Even if this particular property, the outside of which, is completely tiled with ceramic tiles, is a bit "green"!

In the evening, Kathleen does her duty by going to church, followed by drinks on her.

While Kathleen gets stuck into very large measures of Cointreau, I sample the "Croft Brandy" (equally large measures). I always associated "Croft" with Sherry, not sure if it is the same "Croft" or not, but, after a couple of their brandies, who cares?

Sunday 7th April 2013. We need some "facilities", (clothes) washing is building up, and we are running out of battery power on the "leisure" battery. It is decided we will go to a site for a few days, Quarteria is chosen.

When we get to Quarteria, we find there is a cycle race going on, they have closed off several roads as you enter the town.

There are no signs to advise which way you go, just a barrier across the road, and a policeman waving at you to turn off the road. Eventually, one "helpful" policeman gives us directions, but after half an hour of negotiating tiny roads, we end up, back at the first road block!

Sod Quarteria, or words to that effect are exchanged.

We head for an Aire we have been told about at Albefuria (Parque de Gale N37.09284 E-8.31148).

It is more of a Motorhome campsite than an Aire really, 6Euro per night, gets you, hard standing, usual water/waste services, Electricity, wifi.

All very clean and tidy, pretty good in fact.

On our way to Albefuria we pass a young Gypsy, stopped by the side of the road in her horse drawn wagon, feeding her baby, then about half a mile further on, we encounter the main group, trotting along the main road, causing traffic chaos.

There is no truth in the rumour they are enroute to the UK to sign on for their benefits.

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