Monday, 22 April 2013

Friday 19th April 2013 - Monday 22nd April 2013

Quarteira, continued....

I mentioned in a previous post, the Brandy Croft, well Portugal, is the origin of Port wine. The local Lidl has quite a selection of different types. I have begun a quest to sample some (or all) of them, before we leave.
Kathleen, was in particularly expansive mood today, I am not sure what I have done to deserve it. I was even entrusted with her purse, to go to Lidl and buy a few groceries we needed, while she lay in the sun. I took advantage of her good humour and bought myself a bottle of White Port, out of her purse of course.
Not a murmur of discontent, something is amiss.
We have been somewhat plagued by a mosquito. At least, I think it is a mosquito, it may be several mosquitos, since they do not wear identifying name badges, it is difficult to say.
The mosquito emerges at night, and we have both collected several bites.
We have an “Insect killing light”, which we leave on at night, but, so far, this particular little blighter has evaded death by electrocution, and by being swotted.
Kathleen has now become obsessed with finding it, and dispatching it to Mosquito heaven. She is convinced it must have a hiding place in the van, where it can lie undisturbed, to emerge each night.
I suggested, the only place I could think of, where it could be fairly sure of being undisturbed, is her purse, so, maybe she should check there.
Kathleen was not amused.
I can report, the White Port, and the Tawny Port, from Lidl at 3.50Euro a bottle, are both very drinkable. My preference is the White port, which, as it’s name suggests, is very pale in colour and very easy to drink. At 19% alcohol, it may be best to exercise some control however.
Sunday, so, it is Church day, I am left to my own  devices, whilst Kathleen attends church.

I have already mentioned Insects, well, the ground here is very sandy, there are absolutely hundreds of ants scurrying about, dragging bits and pieces down into their nests.

Amazing little creatures!

We have a sea view, just!, from our van.

You have to peer through the trees, but, it is there.

kathleen has begun agonising about the fact that she may have put on weight. Not very likely, as all of those who know her, will confirm.

So, it is either eat and drink less, or exercise more, well, the eat and drink less does not appeal to me, so, it is more exercise.

We set off for a walk along the coast.

The route I had planned would have given us a five or six mile walk, most of which was through a wooded area by the beach, which would have given us some shade. Necessary in this heat, another 25C day today.

But, after only two miles, we end up in a beachside bar for a beer,

We do meet a couple of jolly old English men. They are here for a week, staying ot one of their son's villa.

I say "old", because they are older than we are, so, that makes them "old" and us, "not old".

After this feeble effort at exercise, we get the bikes out and do a six mile bike ride to the marina and back.


  1. Hi u 2,u sound like u r having a great time.24 degrees sounds good to me. u r not missing any great weather here, it is a little warmer. Everyone here is asking after u both . Hope the sun keeps shining on u x

  2. Thank you Maria, sorry about the weather!