Sunday, 28 April 2013

Friday 26th April 2013 - Sunday 28th April 2013

Friday is a quiet day activity wise, a day for chores.

It is "hair washing day", so a big event in Kathleen's calendar.

She cannot get her Fringe "just right", not good news.

I just attempt to stay out of the way by going cycling around the area.

I am given a little chore, seems simple enough, buy some mushrooms.

I find all of the shops are shut, even the large supermarket, supposedly open 24/7 is closed.

It is a public holiday today, all of the women are walking around dressed in traditional Spanish dresses (Flamenco style), and we are told, there is some big "Fiesta" on up the road.

I find from Google (where else?) it is called Feria del Vino Fino: El Puerto de Santa MarĂ­a's local week of fiesta, dancing sherry drinking and sevillana dancing. This is the principal festival is the Feria de Primavera (Spring Fair), held between the fifth and sixth week after Holy Week.

Our British/Swedish neighbours (Deryk and Nicki) tell us, they have cycled to the Fiesta, but, our Belgian neighbour on the other side advises against cycling there, he says get the bus, then you can drink as much as you wish, without falling off your bicycle.

Tomorrow, our Belgian neighbour is planning a visit to the Osborne (Sherry) Bodega, I think, maybe, he has a drink problem!

Being resourceful, I do find a small fruit and vegetable shop open.

How about this for a public exercise set up?

How long would something like this last in the UK, before it was vandalised beyond recognition?

Sunday, and it is sunny, but a strong cold wind blowing from the North, with lots of clouds massed in the North, looks like they are comming our way. That is what you get for gloating over people back in the UK, about the weather I suppose!

Kathleen, ever the practical housewife starts washing everything in sight, because it is a "good drying day", which is woman speak for blowing a gale!

This leads to a catalogue of complaints, I have made the washing line too short AND too high. It is not long before she has joined forces with the newly arrived English woman next to us, to begin a joint complaining session about myself and the new arrivals husband.

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