Thursday, 18 April 2013

Monday 15th April 2013 - Thursday 18th April 2013

Quarteria (continued)...

We set off on foot to find the track which runs alongside the campsite.
Sure enough, we find the correct way to go. Yesterday, I had taken the correct turn off the main road, but, there is a fork in the track. I followed the tarmac road, which was wrong.
Today, with the benefit of Kathleen’s guidance, we followed the un-surfaced track, and sure enough, it brought us around the perimeter of the campsite and alongside the lagoon.

After about a mile, we come to a beach restaurant,

and a really extensive stretch of sandy (empty) beach.

Eventually we come to yet another beachside restaurant, right on the edge of Quarteira.
Outside of the Restaurant, there appears to be an unofficial campervan stop. There are no facilities here, other than rubbish bins, and there are clear signs saying “No Camping”, but these vans have been here for at least three days without being moved on.

For anyone reading this who is interested in potential wild camping stops, the coordinates are N37.061638 W8.087957 Quarteira, Portugal. 
While having a refreshing beer, a big fly landed in my drink! This is two days running this has happened. I fished it out, and finished my drink (same as yesterday). Come to think of it, it may have been the same free loading fly.
Kathleen is disgusted.

You may have noticed, I have not been complaining about the weather recently.

It has been magnificent! Sunny days, 24C, hardly a cloud in the sky.

Long may it continue.

The result of heat or course is some rather large insects.

On our daily stroll today, we encountered a Dung Beetle, it was rolling a piece of crap (ie shit) about 1" inch in diameter along the road, the beetle itself was about 1.5 inches long.

Now, if one of those landed in my drink, I don't think I would finish the drink!

Wednesday, there is a market in the village along the road (Forte Santa).

Kathleen has withdrawal symptoms, because she has not been to a market for about two weeks.

From my point of view, it is the perfect market, right in the middle is an area selling food and drink, so, I park myself at a table and help the Portuguese economy to recover by, watching the world go by, whilst drinking local beer.

Kathleen amuses herself shopping, she even buys me a pair of trainers (with my money of course)!

Restaurant Fantasia have a special offer on tonight, 9Euro per head for an all you can eat three course buffet. Kathleen is not one to stuff her face, but, me, that is a diffent story. Great night, even with wine and after meal drinks 32Euro. Not bad at all.

Weather continues hot and sunny, an almost empty swimming pool to cool off in, yes, we are still at Quarteira. 


  1. Ken enjoying following your travels and so glad you are finally able to enjoy nice weather.

  2. Pleased you are enjoying it!