Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Wednesday May 18th 2011

Interlaken-Ost, TCS Camping Interlaken 6, (ACSI2011-717) continued.

The weather forecast says it will be a sunny and warm day, and it certainly is.

We cycle to Thunnersee, the other lake in the Interlaken "pair".

First we go along what is described as a canal, between the two lakes.

It is easy going, flat, but the cycle track wiggles about all over the place, and you have to keep watching out for signs telling you which way to go.

In the picture above, there is, believe it or not a high, snow covered mountain in the middle between the other two peaks, but for some reason my camera settings have merged it in with the sky and you cannot see it!

The route becomes more pleasant, passing along an avenue of trees.

We peddle along quite merrily, until some five miles later, we come to the next lake (Thunnersee).

This is quite stunning, but there is no cycle track, so we set off along the road. It is not a major road, and does not seem to have too much traffic.

But, it is certainly not flat!

If you look in the photograph, just to the right of the group of trees, you can just see the road, suspended on the hill side over the lake.

The plan is to cycle to the end of the lake, to the town called Thunn, it is still 17km (10 miles approximately) away.

So far it has been all up a steep hill, you can see Kathleen soldiering on up the hill.

Eventually it levelled out a bit, and was easier going, but then there we came to a series of tunnels.

Cycling through a relatively dark tunnel, with cars, lorries and buses overtaking you, is a bit intimidating.

We made it through the first series of a about 150 metres, but then came to an even longer one, with road works in progress in the tunnel and traffic lights for a traffic contra-flow.

We decided commonsense had to prevail, not being ready to have our wills read out just yet!. So we turned around and headed back for Interlaken, covering 17 miles.

We had our picnic in Interlaken, just across the river from our van!

The rest of the afternoon was spent in Kathleen's favourite occupation, ie lying in the sun.

Further experiments with the Remoska, were successful. This time using Joan Crick's method of making low fat chips in it (cut up chips, put in plastic bag with a little cooking oil, shake so all coated, then put chips in Remoska and cook).

Suddenly there are several new arrivals, and among them are no fewer than three British vans, this is the most we have seen in one place since we left home!

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