Tuesday, 3 May 2011

April 2011, Spring 2011 Campervan Adventure

Wednesday 27th April 2011

Yesterday, we had lunch with our fellow campervanners Bryan and Joan, who are sat at home waiting for their daughter to produce her first baby.

We are more or less ready to go. Kathleen has thoroughly cleaned the house, so any burglars will not run the risk of infection, or tripping over a discarded shoe or other item of clothing left in the middle of the bedroom floor (by the person who never leaves anything lying about).

I have cut the lawns, done the weeding, and generally tidied the garden.

The lawnmower and strimmer are in the garage, readily accessible to who ever decides to look after the garden for us. No pressure here, but I thought I would just include a photograph of what the garden looked like on the day we left.

I am sure Dana, Claire or Phillippa, or a combination of all three will keep it looking pristine, for our return.

Wednesday April 26th 2011 – Friday 29th April 2011, Windsor

Arrive at Gary and Susana’s (Windsor), to a warm welcome. I think Gabriel has forgotten who I am, much to Kathleen’s enjoyment, he seems to remember her!

The situation is soon resolved, and he allows me to play with the bottle top which is his favourite toy at present, despite the box full of toys at his disposal.

We all (Gary, Susana, Susana’s mother, Gabriel, Kathleen and me) have a trip into Windsor town centre, and explore the “Long Walk”, which is a rather attractive avenue approaching Windsor Castle, intended for the Royals and thier guests I think, but now open to us common folk.

Gary, Gabriel and myself have a trip to Henley-on-Thames, where we will be staying when we return in June for Gabriel's Christening.

All too soon, Saturday arrives and we must leave, to head for Kent.

The last photograph of Gabriel, until we return in June. He is so close to the camera because he kept moving towards me as I tried to take the photograph.

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