Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tuesday 24th May 2011 – Thursday 26th May 2011

St Jorioz (Annecy), International du Lac Annecy, (ACSI2011-1462)
Unusually, when we left Thonnon, we felt rather sad, we had a really good time there.
You may note, I have not mentioned the weather. This is because it has been brilliant, and I do not want to tempt fate.
Today, it is 28C when we arrive at Annecy.
This site is excellent, we have been here before almost exactly two years ago.

The Dutch are here in force, but there are no fewer than four other British vans, in addition to ourselves.

The campsite is excellent, two swimming pools, one for “serious swimming”, and this one for floating about and cooling down.

It is so hot today we have had to change our routine, so that in the heat of the afternoon, we can just lie about.

Cycled into Annecy(about six easy miles away), in the morning, before it became too hot.

The old town really is beautiful, with colourful old buildings.

and quaint little alleyways.

Plenty of scenes to paint here, if Kathleen ever gets round to using her talents and giving it a try.

Not to mention pavement bars, yes that is Kathleen drinking a half litre of beer.

This is her pondering if she should buy the handbag she had just seen and liked very much.

I told her I was not moving from this bar, until she went and bought it, not a bad deal for me I thought!.

So kids, you had better get saving, because if your inheritance is not going down our necks, your mother is spending it on handbags!

Kathleen again, drunk in charge of a bicycle, as we cycle along the cycle track back to the campsite.

Thursday, again we wake up to a beautiful morning, it is going to be hot again today.

We cycle to Faverges, about 10.5 miles away, in the opposite direction to Annecy.

For those of you who know anything about Physical Geography, you will recognise this as an excellent example of a glaciated valley. Steep slides, and almost flat valley floor, gradually sloping up to the head of the valley.

Isn’t it marvellous what you learn reading my stuff? You could probably get a GCSE Geography with that knowledge alone.

This may look like a road, but it is in fact a dedicated, traffic free, cycle route (Piste Cyclable they call it) which runs the whole length of the lake and beyond.

The white gravel bits at the side are for pedestrians, while the tarmac area is for bicycles and people on Roller Skates/Boots.

I am not sure how far it runs for, the last time we were here (almost exactly two years ago), we made it as far as Faverges, which we do again this year.

My ambition is to get Kathleen to cycle all the way to Albertville, which is about 12 miles beyond Faverges, nothing doing so far, but I am sure I will coax her into it.

Another little scheme this visit is to cycle around the lake, anti-clockwise, we did it clock-wise, last time we were here, it is about 24 miles.

As you can probably tell, the route is an old railway line, which they have reclaimed as a long distance cycle route and footpath.

It is all very well done, and very pretty, but some stretches are so beautiful it is difficult to keep watching where you are going, instead of looking at the scenery.

The final proof it is an old railway line, we disappear into a tunnel, just beside the village of Duingt, about halfway along the lake.

It is all lit and perfectly good to cycle through, no cars or lorries to compete with here.

I have managed to find a source of Tonic water for the Gin and Tonics, now I am going to have to find a Lidl, to buy some more Zinfandel Rose, the last bottle has just gone in the fridge to cool, it must be evaporating.

Kathleen is on half a bottle per day, plus a session with the Vanish soap every other day, I think I will have to check her into a clinic when we get back to the UK.

After such a hot day, thunder was always a possibility. Sure enough, at about 6:00pm, the thunder claps began to roll around the hills surrounding the lake. By the time I am writing this, at about 8:00pm it is begining to brighten up again.

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