Thursday, 2 March 2017

Bonterra Park, Benicassim, Spain (01/03/2017 - 02/03/2017)

Wednesday 1st March 2017

A bright and sunny day, 19C.

Key tasks are completed in the morning:

  •  A little shopping for essentials (wine and beer)
  • The inevitable visit to the "bargain" Chinese Bazaar, new Crocks purchased, at only 4.50Euro for two pairs, I suspect they are not genuine Crocks
  • A visit to the Catholic Church so Kathleen can determine if there are any services/celebrations for Ash Wednesday. No is the answer.  

The afternoon is spent lying in the sun, recovering from the journey.

Thursday 2nd March 2017

Bright and sunny, 20C

We cycle along the coast, just over 15 miles.

We meet an elderly Frenchman, Alain, he tells us he is 77, and is pedalling along the coast on his "birthday present" a folding electric bicycle.

When we return, we both check our blood pressure readings, both are significantly reduced.

I wonder if we can get our Campervan trips on prescription? (if not the whole cost, perhaps, the ferry crossing, or perhaps tokens for free diesel).

Later in the day, we meet old friends from previous visits to Bonterra Park, John, Carol, John and Adrian. Inevitably, we spend the rest of the afternoon drinking Red Wine in their company.

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