Thursday, 23 March 2017

Bonterra Park, Benicassim, Spain (17/03/2017 - 23/03/2017)

Friday, 17 March 2017

Sunny, blue sky, a warm 20C.

Kathleen is up early, to carry out the "pre-hairdresser" routine.

Fortunately, Anca turns out to be a great success, Larry does not appreciate how lucky he has been, I shall have to tell him.

As it turns out, Kathleen has a mornings entertainment, as well as a hair-cut.

Anca (we are assuming that is the name of the young Romanian lady), does not operate on appointments, you turn up and wait if necessary.

Kathleen plans to arrive for doors opening (09:00, she does not do waiting), but, she is delayed and when she arrives, there is one man having his hair cut and two men waiting. Anca operates at top speed, each hair-cut is despatched in less than ten minutes, including wielding a cut-throat razor.

Kathleen is dealt with at top speed, perhaps 15 minutes, but, an excellent job done, even Kathleen, who is fanatical about her hair is pleased with the outcome, and all for just 12Euro.

Kathleen is so pleased with the outcome she treats me to beer and tapas at Casa Vicente.

Mid afternoon, we cycle along the coast to an Argentinian Restaurant, "Baires by Divino", which I had noticed on previous visits to Benicassim, but, not got around to trying.

This turns out to be a huge success. 

We have the "Argentinian set meal for two", three courses for 19Euro each, and, of course, a bottle of house red wine.

For the first course we get Empanadas, (sort of pasty), filled with ham and cheese and tomato and cheese. then, Argentinian Potato bread, in melted cheese. 

This is followed by a second course consisting of an enormous amount of meat (steak, beef, pork, sausage, black pudding), all cooked just as we asked for it, and roast potatoes.  

Finally we have a chocolate filled crepe with icecream.

Kathleen is a star and has a go at everything!

To round off, the good news, it turns out, in the "small print" on the menu, the wine is included!


Saturday, 18th March 2017

Blue sky, sunshine, 25C.

A ride into Castellon, on the scooter, to visit the large Carrefour Hypermarket.

Afternoon of Gin and Tonic in the sun, and reading.

A stroll in the evening.

Our activity level has fallen this week, only 65 miles or walking and cycling against 80 miles last week, must try harder!

Sunday, 19th March 2017

Blue sky, sunshine, 23C.

Kathleen does church, first thing (09:00).

Next, a cycle ride.

We have been meticulously recording our walking/cycling activity on "Runkeeper", the week before last, we did approximately 90 miles, last week, we achieved only 65 miles.

Kathleen is a "counter", although she denies being obsessed with numbers, she is!

The 15 mile "shortfall" last week has not gone un-noticed!

The "recording week" begins on a Sunday, and, today, we get in a head start on a "good" weekly figure, 19 miles along the coast, taking in the Cycle track to Orpesa, and then beyond through the partly finished and partly abandoned resort development to the north of there.

A not very successful stop for lunch, Kathleen orders what she expects to be a ham toastie, but, it turns out to be Parma type ham, which is in the long list of things Kathleen does not like. My Choritso Bocadillo is perfectly edible however, which only serves to annoy Kathleen even more.

As is usual, in Spain, we are given a small snack (free) when our drinks arrive, and before our sandwiches. You are never sure what you will get, this time, it is two slices of bread, spread with mayonnaise, and topped with "something". The something look like small grey and white worms (Kathleen's description).

Needless to say, Kathleen is not up for "having a go", so, I try one. Even after eating the "worms", I am not sure if it is animal or vegetable and/or seafood, so, I eat the other one. The texture of the "worms", is, I would say, like mushrooms, but, I don't see how it would be possible to slice mushrooms into this shape? 

Monday, 20th March 2017

Blue sky and sunshine with a very pleasant 21C, until mid afternoon that is, when a fog bank rolled in from the sea! No more sunshine and 15C.

A day to catch up on the chores, clothes washing, food (and alcohol) shopping, followed by a little cycling.

Incidentally, Sunday's "problem" of the grey and white "worms" is solved, we spot them for sale, in the Supermarket, still do not know what they are, but, they are some form of sea food.

Tuesday, 21st March 2017

Don't know what is happening to the weather. The forecast says, blue sky, sunshine 22C, but, the reality is cloudy start and a cool 16C, by 10:30, blue sky, sunny, 20C, by 14:30, back comes the sea fret from yesterday! This is not good enough!

Kathleen does church, it is Lent.

Giving the cycling a rest today, we take advantage of the few hours of sunshine to walk along the coast, five miles.

As you can see, the place is deserted, at 11:00 in the morning.

It is a holiday here, so, do not know where everyone is, perhaps they partied too much last night?

Wednesday, 22nd March 2017

Sun, a little light cloud, 20C.

A cycle ride along the coast to Grau Castellon (Castellon Port), the plan is 15-16 miles, but, Kathleen is foolish enough to allow me to be in the lead, so, I work it up to 20 miles. 

Beer and chips at Pinguin, on the way back, followed by more beer when we get back to the van, ensures we fall asleep in the sun.

We round the day off with an evening stroll along the promenade.

Thursday, 23rd March 2017

A very doubtful start to the day, a chill wind and lots of cloud, but, by 09:00, all gone, blue sky and sunshine back, 23C.

Passing the time of day with our English neighbours again shows that even the very elderly and those with various health problems, still make the journey here to enjoy the sun and relaxation.

There are a fair sprinkling of mobility scooters and electric bicycles here!  

Thursday is market day in Benicassim. 

For the last two weeks, Kathleen has been buying up all of the available sports socks, this week, she has switched to slippers, two pairs she has bought now at 5Euro a pair.

After the market, a stroll along the coast, to check out possible eating places.

We have an excellent, mid afternoon, long lunch at Villa Del Mar, followed by lazing in the sun.


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