Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bonterra Park, Benicassim, Spain (10/03/2017 - 16/03/2017)

Friday 10th March 2017

Blue sky and 25C, again!

We go cycling, such an excellent cycle track, Kathleen forgets to be tired, and, we end up at Castellon de la Plana. To the coast for a little lunch and then, back along the coast to do 20 miles. 

This makes our total for the week, walking and cycling, 78 miles. I do suggest we go for the round 100 miles, but, Kathleen declines.

We manage a Facetime call to Gary, Susana, Gabriel and Salma and are able to witness Salma's latest achievement of climbing the stairs. Gabriel has started playing Rugby at school, and, Gary is shortly to jet off to Korea for six weeks.

Saturday 11th March 2017

A very strange day, today, weather-wise. At the van, we are bathed in sunshine, and it is a very pleasant 21C, but, a bank of fog/mist has rolled in from the sea and is lying all along the coast, and, has covering the inland hills.

Since it was our "resting day", after all of our walking and cycling, it makes little difference, and we simply lie around in our little patch of sunshine!

Sunday 12th March 2017

A sunny 23C today.

Kathleen is up early and off to church for 09:00, leaving me to sit in the sun.

After a (very) late breakfast, we ride to Castellon de la Plana on the scooter, and mingle with the many people who all seem to be sitting in the sun eating and drinking, it is clearly a hard life, being a Spaniard.

There is clearly some "special" event going on, there are hundreds of women of all ages, wearing yellow T-Shirts, with some logo emblazoned on the the front. My Spanish is not excellent, but, it appears to translate as "The Curse of Women Day"?

The older ones are behaving sensibly and eating/drinking cake and coffee, whilst the younger ones (ie under 30) are drinking large amounts of beer and wine. All very good natured however, no unpleasantness.

Monday 13th March 2017

The weather forecast said rain overnight, and all day today. It is totally accurate, pouring rain through the night which continues until lunchtime, with temperatures struggling up to 12C.

Kathleen finds it difficult/impossible to just sit still and read her book, so, insists on cleaning and tidying, and generally upsetting the peace and quiet.

I escape outside, during a lull in the rain, and manage to snap our friendly Robin visitor, as he hangs around, waiting for the crumbs from our lunch.

We manage a short walk (4 miles) in the afternoon.

Kathleen rustles up a very good Sweet and Sour Pork, with vegetable rice, for our evening meal.

This comes as a bit of a surprise, not because of any lack of culinary skills on Kathleen's part, but, because of the absence of potatoes. Kathleen's Irish Heritage usually shows through and almost all meals include potatoes. I am just beginning to think the vegetable rice is a little treat for me (I prefer rice), when Kathleen explains, she simply "could not be bothered to cook potatoes and vegetables. Which, somewhat takes the edge of "my little treat". 

Tuesday 14th March 2017

After a slow start, the weather forecast proves to be correct, full sunshine and a comfortable 20C.

Our friends, John and Carol leave today, heading North, for Girona, and then home. They have been here since early December, so, time to move on.

After waving them off, we cycle along the coastal cycle track to Oropesa.

The cycle track follows the route of an old railway line, so, is reasonably easy going, with cuttings or tunnels though the hills, rather than having to go up and over the top.

Wednesday, 15th March 2017

Looks as if we are back to the blue sky and sunshine, Temperatures climbing over the 20's C.

Kathleen does her Lent duty and goes to church.

The afternoon is spent cycling and walking, 14 miles and three miles respectively.

There is a major problem looming. Regular readers may have noticed, there has been little of no mention of the dreaded "hair washing days". This is because they have not been funny, they have been totally unbearable! It has been decided that a hairdresser must be found to administer a suitable haircut.

We seek the advice of "Larry", he is an amiable American(?) chap, living in the UK, who has been at Bonterra Park every time we have been here, like James Garner, in "The Great Escape", Larry knows where most things can be obtained.

He points us to a Hairdressing Salon, which his partner uses, it is called "Anca", and, this being Spain, it is run by a young Romanian woman. Clearly the trend for the East Europeans to succeed, where locals fail to even try, is not confined to the UK! 

We take an evening walk and find Pelequaria Anca.  

Thursday, 16th March 2017

Blue sky, sunshine and 20C.

Kathleen is not happy with how level (or unlevel, if that is a word) the van is, we cannot get it high enough at the front using our existing collection of levelling blocks. 

I have put Amazon to the test, and ordered some extreme Millenco Quattro 2 leveling blocks, from Amazon UK, for delivery to the campsite. 

Sure enough, they turn up today, exactly as promised.

Where would we be without that army of courier drivers in their Ford Transits / Mercedes Sprinters, driving flat out, while using their mobile phone, in their rush to deliver our Amazon Parcels?

First, some chores have to be done, clothes washing.

Today is market day, Kathleen goes on a quest to corner the market in "Sports Socks", the are selling on the Market for 9 pairs for 5Euro, I think she now has 18 pairs!

Cycling in the afternoon.

Kathleen does church again in the evening.

It is decided that Pelequaria Anca is to be put to the test tomorrow..... watch this space!

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