Friday, 7 March 2014

Roquetas de Mar (Contd)

Friday 7th April 2014

I suppose this will come as no surprise to the male of the species out there, but, women are a complete mystery.

We were in Lidl, yesterday, and Kathleen could not resist buying two "strappy tops", on the basis that, at 4.20Euro, for the pair, they were a "bargain". The fact that she has a zillion "strappy tops", and, that she does not like the colour of one of the pair purchased (thus effectively making the price of the one she does like 4.20Euro), has no bearing.

I am rambling, I am stressed.

Today is a day to dread.

Kathleen needs her hair dyeing, and, for some reason known only to her, she wants me to do it, rather than just do the sensible thing, and go to a hairdresser.

It is a big enough shock, to learn that Kathleen actually has grey hair, I mean, she is only a slip of a girl, or, that is what she tells me, but, to find that I am to be responsible for colouring it, is just too much.

The hair colour pack is opened, and I read the instructions carefully, Kathleen immediately gives me different instructions.

I offer her Gaffer tape (to tape her mouth up), this offer is declined.

The actual process goes remarkably well, and with hardly a cross word (well, I exaggerate, slightly). 

I do end up, not having used all of the colouring solution. Why do they not make the container clear, instead of opaque, so you can see how much is being used?

Kathleen disappears off to the shower to wash off the surplus colour, apply conditioner, etc.

I take the opportunity to disappear off, on my scooter, to Lidl, whilst the hair drying, straightening and inspection takes place.

I return to a great surprise, she is happy with the results!

Not perfect of course, but, I am awarded an NVQ level 1 in hair colouring, with a promise, that in six weeks time, if I improve, I will be in line for an NVQ level 2.

What praise, I am elated.


  1. Ken I'm proud of you!! Next time we are away together you and Bryan can stand side by side dying our hair. Very funny blog, had a good laugh x

  2. You are braver than me Ken. I'd not go near Linda's hair if my life depended on it.