Sunday, 2 March 2014

Roquetas de Mar, Aguadulce

28th February 2014 

A little exploring, on foot, to get our bearings, and, vitally, find the nearest church, for Kathleen's Sunday devotions.

Today is clearly some form of Public Holiday, although I have no idea what it is in aid of. All of the shops are shut, and the church is surrounded by the beginnings of a party. 

They have a stage set up, with VERY loud music playing over the sound system. There are many young girls walking about dressed in traditional Spanish dresses, a bar is being set up, and a counter to cook and serve food.

Mission accomplished, Kathleen has her mass times, and, the whereabouts of the church, we return to the van.

Normal service is soon resumed.

After lunch, I again venture forth on the scooter, to find the elusive Commercial Centre, this time, armed with a little more knowledge, I find it successfully, (and the Lidl), but, being a Public Holiday, everything is closed.

The Campervan forums have had lots in them about the popularity of Spain this year, it does appear to be more busy than usual at this time of year,  the last site we were at was almost full, and, this one is similarly almost full.

Here it is mostly Germans, perhaps they have all come down here to keep an eye on all of the Euro's they have had to lend the Spanish Government, to prevent financial collapse.

But, there are also a lot more French than usual, the French normally do not venture out of France, it being the best country in the world, but, for some reason, there are lots and lots of them sunning themselves in Spain this year.

Speaking of the French. This evening, a couple of French men, both with Yamaha scooters, engaged me in conversation about our Yamaha xMax 250. The fact that I barely speak enough French to order a beer did not seem to deter them, and, before long we (ie myself and Kathleen) were merrily discussing such technicalities as Engine Size, Weight, how many helmets could be stored under the seat, amazing!

The evening ends with a brilliant sunset.

Saturday 1st March 2014 

After the promise of last nights sunset, "red sky at night, sailors delight" and all that, Saturday is a mighty disappointment, overcaste sky, occasional rain showers, and when it is not raining, a howling wind.

Except for a trip to Lidl, for essential supplies (Wine and Crisps), our activities are limited to Kathleen doing the good housewife thing, ie washing, tidying the van (all of the mess is Kathleen's anyway).

Sunday 2nd March 2014 

Brilliant sunshine, and a delightful 22C.

We spend most of the morning sitting in the sun, then walk the mile or so to El Parador, so Kathleen can attend church.

During the church, I have a wander, as usual, there is some excitement.

There is a cycle race on, the Police close the road and a hoard of Police on motorcycles, followed by numerous cars emblazoned with well known cycle products name (Shimano, etc) whizz past, then a group of cyclists, then more Police on motor cycles.

The original plan, is to eat lunch in El Parador, this would appear to be not possible, there are no restaurants open, just snack bars.

Kathleen decides that her back has recovered enough to risk a cycle ride, so, we return to the van, collect the bicycles and cycle along the coast towards a place called Aguadulce (which translates as fresh water or sweet water, I think), this is about 3 miles away.

According to the internet, Aguadulce was one of the very first Spanish holiday resorts, way back in the 1960's, but, I must admit, I have never heard of it.

It is, very pleasant, some parts of the promenade are not yet finished, but, if they have only been building it since 1960, I suppose that is forgivable.

There is the obligatory marina, with lots of very expensive boats tied up, and, more importantly, a range of restaurants, where we manage to obtain a very pleasant lunch. 


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