Thursday, 6 March 2014

Roquetas de Mar (Contd)

Monday 3rd March 2014

Fortunately, Kathleen feels that her painful back is on the mend, so, we get the bicycles out and cycle along the coast to Roquetas de Mar Port.

There is a shortcut to the cycle track, from the rear of the campsite, and a then a cycle track which runs along the coast for the three or so miles to Roquetas de Mar.

Roquetas de Mar appears to be a sizeable resort, with lots of bars and eating places. Mondays are "non drinking days" according to Kathleen's new regime to prevent us from developing a drink problem, therefore we settle for apple pie and ice cream at a beach front cafe.

Tuesday 4th March 2014 

It would appear we were too optimistic regarding Kathleen's back, today, the problem has returned.

My first task is to go on the scooter to the Supermarket, and, while I am out, to find a Pharmacy and obtain some iBrufen. Mission accomplished, Kathleen is left reading her book and drugged up on iBrufen.

Since I have the (motorcycle) gear on, I decide to check out the route to Almeria, which is on our list of places to visit, when the back is recovered. 

The (N340) road is not too busy, which is what I report back, since the plan is to go to Almeria on the scooter. 

I do not mention that, for most of the way, the road is cut into the hillside and snakes along with a 20metre (or so) drop into the sea. 

After lunch, I take a ride inland on the N391, it turns out to be very spectacular road, I will have to try making a video of it. 

I report back that I have been on a ride  "up into the hills", too much information is not always a good idea.

We get chatting to one of our German neighbours, he has visited Newcastle (on business, installing packaging machines at Sterling Winthrop). His English is very good, this is because his father was an American soldier (ie he is a product of WW2), and he lived in America until he was 11. He also has some interesting information for Kathleen, he, knows an effective Physiotherapist (here in Roquetas de Mar) who can perhaps help with her back problem.

The two added attractions to Kathleen are:

  • the Physiotherapist is cheap (17Euro per session)
  • the Physiotherapist is a young man!
Wednesday 5th March 2014 

Kathleen decides she is not willing to part with even 17Euro, and, that the iBrufin are doing the trick.

Today is Ash Wednesday, and, although I am not a member, I go along with the "Fasting and Abstenance" thing. 

Usually, we Wednesday would be a "drinking day", but, since it is Ash Wednesday, Kathleen declared, Tuesday (yesterday) would be a "drinking day" this week, and not Wednesday, somehow, I don't think it is supposed to work like that, but, hey!, who am I to argue?

The back well enough to allow a four mile stroll along the promenade to AguaDulce, in the morning.

I have had an EMail from Josie (and Mack), who we met a couple of years back in France, Josie tells me that some friends of theirs are staying at a site just about three miles along the road (La Garoffa). 

So, in the afternoon, I take the scooter and set off to see if I can find them. 

All I have is the type of van they are driving, and their names, but, sure enough, I manage to locate them and spend half the afternoon chatting about this and that. 

I did not realise I was so sociable! 

Thursday 6th March 2014 

There is great activity around us the this morning.

One of the Germans, who we have christened "the friendly German", (which is a bit unfair, because they are all friendly, is leaving for home, having been here since September.

Additionally, the group of French speaking Swiss, parked next to us, have one of their van's all decorated in balloons, since it is one of the women's 66th birthday.

The back is declared well enough to risk a bicycle ride, so, we cycle to Lidl, about 3 miles away. To do a bit of essential shopping.

For some reason, Kathleen feels the need to treat me to a couple of bottles of Rioja. Not only do I get two bottles of wine, but, Kathleen inadvertently buys "the good stuff", at 4,25Euro a bottle! Well, I do deserve it, I suppose?

In the afternoon, we cycle along the promenade to Aguadulce, checking out an alternative church enroute.

The plan had been to celebrate the recovery of the back, with cocktails, but, none of the bars in the Marina area are serving cocktails, on a Thursday lunch time.

Instead we, (well, I, since I am paying) fall dead lucky, and find a bar which is doing two beers and two tapas for 4.40Euro.


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