Thursday, 12 April 2012

Monday 09th April 2012 - Thursday 12th April 2012

It is Spring, time for another Campervan jaunt. This spring, we are touring in the UK, Wales (including Anglesey) and the South Coast, stopping off near Windsor, to see Gary, Susana and Gabriel, then Norfolk and home.

We are not usually so organised or regimented with our route, but past experience with sites being full in the UK, has made us cautious of our usual European approach of just turning up. To make matters worse, this year is the Olympics, and the Queens Jubiliee, so the predictions are that everywhere remotely "touristy" will be full.

Kathleen has been poorly with some mysterious flu type bug. So, our departure has been delayed by a day.

Easter Weekend, is, as usual, a damp squib in terms of the weather.

Easter Monday, I begin the final tidying of the garden before we go away, back lawn cut, edged, paths swept it all looks very tidy.

Same at the front, lawn cut, edged, drive swept and treated with weed killer.

All looking very smart.

All we need now is for the weather to improve, a bit of sunshine and temperatures in the twenties (like it was two weeks ago), would be very acceptable.

The TomTom is feeling poorly, I have checked the casing for stab marks, but no visible damage, Kathleen must have just put a spell on it. When I charged it up and turned it on, I got an error message saying "No Map Found". I checked, the map file was there, but I copied it from the backup copy anyway (aren't I good having a back up!). That did not fix it.

Restored the whole lot from the back up. Big mistake. It will not even switch on now.

Next step is a drastic option, reformat the memory, using Windows File Manager, that will wipe everything, then I will have to try reloading the software, from my backup.

Initially, I used information provided by TomTom on the internet to achieve this, with no success, next, I ignored all of the official TomTom information, instead I distilled a variety of "tips" from various forums, and surprise, surprise, I have it working again. Not sure this bit of news will be well received by "the boss".

For this year, I have a new toy, it is a Drift Video camera, I have used it to take some video of our cycling exploits, see here. I hope to get some video of our journey, time will tell, stand by for boredom.

Last minute change of plan.

Kathleen's "flu" bug is still making her ill. Too ill to be jaunting about in a campervan. So, I have cancelled everything upto May 1st, hopefully, if she recovers before then, we can rebook some or all of it.

So instead of heading off for our first site, instead she is to visist the Doctors today (which she should probably have done nine days ago!).

Watch this space, normal service will hopefully be resumed as soon as possible.

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